Tablet Computers vs eReader

eReaders and tablet computers: the question is, with the broad range of features available in a tablet computer, do eReaders still provide features that make it worth the expense?

eReaders Have Evolved

eReaders like the Amazon Kindle or the Barnes and Noble Nook have a really great concept. You can buy a book or get copies of classics for a discount or even free. Dependant on the reader or app you are using, you can flip through a book, highlight, bookmark, look up the word in a dictionary or have a selection read to you. It has also boomed the self publishing world and more books are being published this year electronically, than are being released in print form.

When they first came out you were limited in features, but since then eReaders with a higher price tag can also check email, surf the net or play a game, the question is then, with the price of tablet computers going down and the price of more user friendly readers going up, is it worth the money?

Tablets are Evolving Faster

Three years ago, tech geeks like me knew the tablets were coming, but even we had no idea they would morph into the everything-in-one machines they have become. You can’t even sit in the Doctor’s office without seeing someone passing the time on an iPad or tablet computer like the Android Evo Tablet.

Here you have a touchscreen computer that lets you play interactive games and with the click of your finger in a package the size of a folded piece of notebook paper. The problem for eReaders is that all you have to do is download an eReader app and you can do everything with the app you could do if you had a reader. Plus it still does everything your laptop does.

If it’s not broke…

Tablet style computers really make buying an eReader unnecessary. It’s the same kind of idea as filling your kitchen with all of those gadgets that do just one thing. A great example would be the perfect pancake: a pan basically good for only one thing- making a pancake. With a skillet you can fry just about anything including pancakes. That is the phenomenon we have here. An eReader is only good for buying and reading books from that store, while the tablets do all of that and everything else. Why pay more money for something you just don’t need?

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