Use a Tablet as an Addition to Your TV

Something like 10 years ago TV sets were used for watching TV only. But modern progress penetrates all spheres of our life, and today, with the help of wireless networks, we can use our TVs almost as full-fledged computers.

With the help of your smartphones and tablets you can make the experience of watching TV even more pleasant. For example, you may turn your iPad into a second TV to watch two channels simultaneously, open a TV show with one gesture, or control the slide show, etc. Below are the most useful applications that may be of use for you. Some of them have been developed by the companies that produce TVs while others have been developed by third-party developers. All the apps are free and you can easily give them a try before deciding whether the work for you or not.

Sony Network Audio Remote

Operating system: iOS

A lot of people prefer listening music on separate stereo systems or on the systems that are connected to TVs (to watch movies with great sound effects as well). Audio Remote by Sony turns your tablet into a jukebox: with the help of this pap you can get access both to the music on your tablet and on computers and devices, connected to the home network. If several Hi-Fi systems are interconnected, the app can translate music to any device.

Samsung SmartView

Operating system: Android, iOS

With a simple move you can stream the real-time picture from your Samsung TV to a tablet. You can stream anything – a TV program, a Blue-Ray movie or any other content. Thus you don’t have to be glued to your sofa in front of TV but can go to any other place without missing a moment.

LG TV Remote

Operating system: Android, iOS

The constantly growing number of functions that smart TVs can perform provides new possibilities for users: useful apps can connect to the Internet right form the TV. But it’s not very comfortable to surf the Internet with the help of a regular remote. LG’s TV Remote will turn you’re your tablet into a touchpad with the help of which you can control the cursor on TV screen. And it surely will be easier for you to surf the Internet with such a tool.

Loewe VideoNet

Operating system: iOS

Documentaries, music clips, TV shows fragments – today you can find almost anything online and watch it in HD. But is you’re lazy to look for something interesting Loewe VideoNet will provide you with interesting content of different genres. About the author: Eugene is a senior online marketing manager for Apptraction, enterprise mobile application development company from New York. Follow them on Twitter @Apptraction.