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No matter where we go in the world today tools and technology surround us. Some we may not see, others are quite visible. Even cultures that may not necessarily rely on modern technology have tools at their disposal. Looking at more complex things, we come across the specialized equipment mechanics use to repair things like automobiles, airplanes and ships.  Some of their tools may be manual while others use some type of technology to make them work. Specialization of these items makes our lives run much easier and more efficient. One item often over looked is the postage meter.

Early Exposure:

From the time we are newborns we are all exposed to technology. Some newborns rely heavily on medical devices to help them overcome early life struggles. The majority however are first introduced using things like bottles and tubs and other everyday items. As we grow old our exposure grows more and more through the use of toys and even televisions.  Once we are beyond those formative years our exposure grows with the introduction of things like cell phones, computers and the internet. After we finish our schooling, the world of technology grows yet again.

Occupational Exposure:

Our exposure to new types of technology depends on our occupation. Just imagine the tools and technology a doctor may encounter on a daily basis. One field that may rely on specialized equipment is the world of business.

This broad world encompasses many different aspects, including marketing and correspondence. Depending on the size of the company these tasks may or may not fall in the hands of different people. A larger company will employ staff specifically for marketing and advertising purposes. They may also employ people to handle correspondence. This could be between the company and its customers or the company and other companies.  Many of us rely on the use of the internet and email in order to complete a large portion of these tasks.

However, there is still a good portion of people that rely on hand written and delivered packages. If you can personally hand deliver something, it must be mailed. In order to determine the price of shipping a package, postal services use a postage meter to measure the weight. They then combine the weight with the destination to determine the amount of postage needed. Thanks to technology today, these measurements can be known even before the package leaves its place of origin. Meters can now be found in various sizes including ones that can fit on a desk so the package only needs to be picked up or dropped at the nearest facility.

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