Swedes Seek VPN Internet Anonymity

An increase in the use of paid online anonymity services by young people has been found on a survey conducted by the researches from the Swedish Cybernorms group. They have found that  approximately 200,000 young Swedes are using some form of anonymity services, with the ratio of 15 percent of 1000 respondents aged between 15 and 25.

From the Swedish daily SVD report, that nationally 700,000 of Sweden’s 9 million population are using anonymity services, which has been concluded from the figure by the Cybernorms project leader Måns Svensson.

The surged use of anonymity services has occurred because of the holding of theSweden’s anti-piracy law, IPRED, despite finding a strong correlation between the use of anonymity services and file sharing. And because the IPRED was on hold, this has been a problem for copyright holders.

Starting 2009, the January 2012 survey is the third in the series. This is when the group started to investigate if the introduction of Sweden’s anti-piracy IPRED laws affected the adoption of such services. The group found that an increase if 1.6 percent after the introduction of IPRED in its two ‘before and after’ IPRED 2009 surveys.

Contributed by Jonas, a strong believer in VPN software and an globally uncensored internet.