5 Easy Ways To Stop Wasting Your Ink Cartridges From Now On

Can you believe how much ink cartridges we go through on a daily basis? Think about every single person in the world who has a printer. You also have companies who will use them too and some of the bigger ones will have thousands of them. Most people throw their ink cartridge out when they are finished with it. Sometimes they don’t even use all the ink in the first place and the cartridge ends up ruined, which is a complete waste.

Recycling ink cartridges is actually a pretty big deal now, but it’s still sad to think most people don’t do it. If we keep wasting all this ink and plastic we will need to keep digging more materials out of the ground so we can replace them. I think you should start being a bit more careful from now on and I’m sure everyone else will too. Let’s start by looking at the ways we can stop wasting our cartridges before it gets out of hand.

Send them back in the mail

If you order your ink cartridge online you should look in the packaging when it comes. Most companies realize there is a big problem and they will be happy for you to send the cartridge back after it’s been used up. That is why they might even provide you with the packaging and posting required to send the cartridge back to them at no cost.

Go back to the store

Most people will still buy their ink cartridges from a store, so you just need to jump in your car and take it back to them. When you need to buy a new one you will obviously need to go back to the store anyway, so you can just take your old one along with you at the same time. Sometimes a company will even reward you for taking them back, so it means you can get a little discount on your new one.

Recycle For Life

I told you recycling ink cartridges would help other people and this is the perfect example to use. Recycle For Life is a special group because they have been recycling ink cartridges for nearly 20 years. They will accept them from anyone, which means you are always guaranteed to have someone ready to take them off your hands. When you send the cartridges in they will even donate money to charity in your name.

Don’t use as much ink

You wouldn’t need to recycle as many ink cartridges if you didn’t use them all in the first place. I know that sounds simple, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of people who print off anything even though it’s pointless. I’m sure you’ve been guilty of it yourself, so from now on you should think about what you would print off if you had to go into a store and pay for each individual piece of paper. Don’t print off anything you wouldn’t pay for.

Don’t let the ink go to waste

Another big mistake is to leave the ink cartridge sitting around for too long because once they have been opened they don’t last forever. If you have to get rid of the cartridge once it’s unusable you end up wasting so much ink. If you only need to print off one sheet of paper per month you should maybe question whether or not you even need your own working printer.

I hope you change your ways

Your cartridges aren’t going to recycle themselves, so they need you to do something about it. It’s not exactly hard to remember not to throw something in a trash can after you’re finished with it. Start to recycle from now on and the world will become just that little bit better all because of you.

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This guest post is by Henry Smith, an avid fan of typographic illustrations. He uses guest posting to share his knowledge and opinions about printers and cartridges. His day job is at Spice Digital Imaging, a company that provides digital printing services.