Steps to Add “Scan with Windows Defender” to the Windows 8 Context Menu

To run computer successfully, it is important to add antispyware. Potential surplus software and spyware can install itself on computers whenever we connect to the internet and they are dangerous for the computers. It can affect our networking systems when we install other programs including the use of DVDs or CDs or any other removable software. They are also capable of programming and running at unexpected times apart from the time of installation.

Windows defender previously recognized as Microsoft Antispyware, is a software creation that assists in fighting malware. It also provides assistance in keeping away potentially unwanted software and spyware from infecting computers.

  • It provides real instant protection to the computers. It will alert you when unwanted software attempt to put in. Windows defender also alerts you when Windows settings attempt to change programs.
  • The online SpyNet community assists you in observing other people’s responses to the software, which are not being classified presently for further risks. Observing other people from the community allows the assistance to whether or not to opt for a choice on your computers. It will, in turn, add your choices to the community ratings to assist other people.
  • Windows defender also provides you with scanning options to scan unwanted spyware and software that may be present on your computer, these are scheduled to scan software on a usual basis, and also automatically detects that has a threat to your computer.


Windows defender needs to have an updated version and definitions on your computer. Definitions are regarded as the files, which act like an index, which is ever going of unwanted software threats. It uses definitions to decide if the software detected is a spyware or unwanted software and then thus making people alert. Windows defender works with Windows updates to install automatically with latest definitions as they keep on releasing. Windows defender can be placed online before scanning to check updated definitions.

Windows Smart screen and Windows defender are inbuilt in the Windows RT and windows 8 and are used to protect PC against spyware, viruses and other malicious software’s. Windows defender uses red, yellow and green colors to view the security status of computers.

How to add, “scan with Windows defender “to the windows 8 context menu below are the five steps to add windows defender on your computers


1. Type Regedit32.exe in the Windows 8 Run box and after that press enter. Administrative rights are required to perform this task.

2. Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTfoldershell in Windows Registry Editor and then create on the left side a sub key. Name the key Windows Defender for new folder.

3. Right-click on the right –hand side after selecting on the left sidebar “Windows defender” to create a new string. Type in %Program Files%Windows DefenderEppManifest.dll and name it Icon in the data field.

4. After completing the third step add one more string and name it MUI after providing the scan data with Windows Defender.

5. Now it’s time to form a new sub key below Windows defender and then adjust the figures of the DWORD default to “C:Program FilesWindows DefenderMpCmdRun.exe” -scan -scan type 3 -Signature Update -file %1.

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