Product Review – Stellar Outlook Toolkit

Each corporation follows different criteria when it comes to managing their email communications. Usually, companies prefer MS Outlook as their email client and keep finding the right product that can cost one time and provide almost every required features to manage Outlook. The aim of this review is to identify a tool that can fulfill the complete Outlook management requirements in larger organizations. Let’s find out a simple product with powerful utilities that is not only designed for big companies, but also for smaller businesses, start-ups and even for home users.

I am an IT researcher and recommend most compatible and efficient tool for big organizations and normal users. Today I am going to write about a tool that can help users to manage their favorite email client Microsoft Outlook. Although, there are a number of free and paid versions of such tools have developed, but not all of them provide complete Outlook management kit. Among all available Outlook management tools I found Stellar Outlook Toolkit as a considerable option for professionals. This all-in-one Outlook Email Toolkit manages and optimizes a MS Outlook Profile.

The Stellar Outlook Toolkit is complete management solution software that allows enterprises to track their finances, resources, and tasks with the help of its multiple powerful modules. This is the most recommended software for the corporations who have a large number of users to manage. With its interactive interface and easy to use modules, the management and optimization of multiple Outlook profiles would be easiest.


The Stellar Outlook Toolkit is designed with fast algorithms that can manage regular functions of the MS Outlook profile, such as repairing the damage or corruption, taking regular backup, splitting, compacting a large PST file and more. Therefore, it is a perfect utility for professional environment.

Highlights of the tool:


  • Repair PST file: This module is to repair all corrupt and damaged PST files and recovers complete mailbox along with all the mail items.
  • Outlook Mail Backup: This feature enables the backup of all the Outlook mail items, like attachments, contacts, tasks, notes, calendar entries, journals. This will save your data from any further data loss situations. Additionally, you are also allowed to take incremental and differential backup.
  • Split PST: You can split your large PST file into multiple PST that can directly be imported into Outlook profile. PST’s can be split according to Date, Size, Mail Id and mail Folder.
  • Compact PST: In order to reduce the issues of a growing PST file you can simply compress it, and avoid the consequences of an over-sized PST. This module can compact both the PST files and OST files, it will reduce the chances of unexpected crash.
  • Remove Duplicate Emails: This module filters all the duplicate and junk mails from a MS Outlook profile and remove them. This module helps to decrease the overall size of the Outlook mail account.
  • Lost Outlook Passwords recovery: In case you have forgotten the password of your Outlook account, you can use this module to unlock it. While recovering the lost password the software provides you a set of six passwords that can be used to unlock the Outlook account.

This stand-alone Outlook management software is equipped with almost all the required modules that can help to manage an Outlook profile. This means you do not have to purchase any other software that eliminates all the hassles with PST’s. The Stellar Outlook Toolkit can handle PST of any size limit, but the time taken by the module to complete the task is dependent upon the size of the selected PST file. Once you will be familiarized with the program, it would be very easy for you to run the software efficiently.


I have run the tool on my normally configured tool and performed all the operation on my 10GB sized PST. Therefore, I can conclude that it is a perfect and a single Outlook management solution for those users who regularly use Outlook and store important data in their Outlook profile.

Free Download:

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