Download 4 Start Menu Replacements for Windows 8


The most beautiful feature of Windows 8 turns out to be most annoying feature when a Windows 7 user finds out that the Windows start menu is completely replaced by new metro styled start menu. Yes! Microsoft is no longer including the traditional start menu in Windows 8. Isn’t it heartbreaking? Even in the latest upgraded version of Windows 8 i.e. Windows 8.1, Microsoft brought the classic start menu back though a button which actually doesn’t do much other than redirecting to the metro styled start menu. So now back to question, how to bring the start menu back on your Windows 8 desktop or is it even possible? Of course it is possible; in fact there are plenty of options to choose from. And that’s what we’re going to discuss over the entire course of this article. Read on to find out best Start Menu replacements for Windows 8.

Classic Shell


The very first option according to us is Classic Shell which is absolutely open-source Start menu replacement for your Windows 8. It comes with inbuilt skin that mimics the look of popular start menu from Windows 7, Vista and even XP or Windows 2000/98. Apart from these basic functionalities, the classic shell is extremely configurable.

Download Classic Shell



Next on our list is from Stardock- a popular Windows customization website. Stardock’s Start8 provides two types of start menu- the first one mimic the look of Windows 7 start menu and the second is metro styled start menu which looks pretty good too. The Stardock’s Start 8 menu actually looks much better than classic shell. But unlike Classic shell, Stardock’s Start 8 isn’t a free application. You have to purchase the application at a price tag of $5 however they are offering a full-fledged 30 days trial. So you can try the Star dock’s Start 8 and confidently purchase it.


Try Start8

IOBit StartMenu8


Here’s another free option- IObit StartMenu8. If somehow you do not love the above two home screen replacement, try IObit StartMenu8. This start menu replacement is completely free and looks almost like Windows 7 start menu. Apart from basic functionalities, the IOBit StartMenu8 offers options to hide the sidebar charms, options to disable hot corner and you can even skip the start menu at the login time.





Pokki is completely different from the rest in the list. Pokki is actually an Application store which offers full screen Pokki’s application and an excellent start menu free of cost. The start menu doesn’t looks like Windows 7 start menu but it is still good enough to fulfill all the demands. Now we can’t guarantee you that you’ll really love it but you can give it a try. Like Windows 7 start menu you can pin apps, search the apps right from start menu and even pin a folder. Apart from start menu, Pokki offers hundreds of full screen apps which is another plus point.

Click here to download Pokki.

So, these are few good options which you can use to bring the classic menu back to the Windows. Undoubtedly, the third-party start menus are much needed change in Windows 8, in fact Samsung and Toshiba are coming up with their own quick start menu according to a report. Anyway, which one do you prefer the most out of all these, please do let us know through comments section below.

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