Backup, Monitor and Restore SQL Server Database Using SQLBak

Taking a backup of SQL server database is crucial and greatly help in restoring it if you ever have the misfortune of an important database being deleted, damaged or somehow become inaccessible.  There are few easy ways you can try to backup a database, either locally or on a virtual server. SQLBak is one of most popular mediums that helps you restore a deleted database in one click.

SQLBakThe capabilities and features of SQLBak will address all the major requirements of database administrators and companies that run several instances of SQL Server. The best thing is, you can restore database if it ever run into problems with the help of SQL Server Backup and your browser. All you’ve to do is to install a small program (SQLBak Client) on the computer system that is running your SQL Server Database. After that, sign up on website to have your very own and customized control panel in just a matter of seconds. At the online control panel, you’ll need to set few parameters and enter working email ID to receive the latest updates of running SQL Server which helps you to fix it in real time.

Connecting your SQL Server

It is required to establish connection between the running SQL Server database computer and online account of SQLBak. Select or enter the database name that you are trying to connect and then enter authentication credentials (Either Windows or SQL Server account). Make sure that you’re logged in as an administrator to have sufficient rights to connect SQL Server account. Don’t worry about the safety of your credentials as the website uses SSL encryption to encrypt the data and make secure connection while transferring and receiving data.


Once you are done with entering the required parameters, click on ‘Test SQL Connection’ and seen successful connection message, press on ‘Continue’ button. You’ll need to further classify destinations to store the database backup. Out of many destinations possible, you can choose the desired or convenient one. You can choose any of the below mentioned destinations to store SQ Server Database backup:

  • Local Drive
  • FTP
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Amazon S3
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Microsoft OneDrive (Previously known as SkyDrive)

You’ll also need to enter any working Email ID in order to receive the working status of SQL Server database. Last but not least, you can schedule all this to run automatically: can run full or partial or differential database backup at any predefined period of time.


SQLBak can backup 2 databases for free running on any one computer. Later after, you can subscribe any of the convenient packages to get more databases backed up. The tool is fairly easy and offers hassle free way to backup SQ Server database. Many competitors were lacking to deliver the standard job what it promised but SQLBak don’t.  Definitely recommend application for any level of experienced database users.