5 Techniques to Speed up Your Slow WiFi Connection

With the developments in the various tools related to the technological equipment, people opt for the accessories that offer a wireless medium for communications. Similar is the case with the wireless internet connections which can be made through a WIFI router that can be connected with the internet modem or can be directly obtained from the internet service providers. However, to get the best speed from these WIFI routers, users have to take care of certain things that are going to be discussed below.

1. Protect your connection through a password:

This is the first and most important tip that has to be given sheer attention to get the best speed from a slow WIFI connection. It is very easy to hack the passwords of the wireless connections and in this way; someone can steal your bandwidth by using the wireless. In order to avoid such craps, one has to regularly change the password of his or her wireless connection.

2. Location of the router:

Although, this is a matter of common sense, but still many people forego it and then face a lot of problems. Your wireless router should be placed in such a way that it lies right in the center of the premise so that all the devices could access it easily from all the directions. Many people do not consider it due to the ugly looks of the router but then they face slow speed problems. Moreover, these wireless routers should be placed at the distance from the wall or any other hurdle that may stop the signal transmission.

3. Don’t bring other wireless devices close to the router:

If another wireless communication is working in your premise then it can distort the signals from the wireless router. To avoid such things, people have to place routers in a place where no other wireless device is working. Otherwise, interference of the electromagnetic waves happens that reduces the speed.

4. Change the number of the WIFI channel:

WIFI networks are provided in numerous channels but once if the channel of your wireless router matches with the channel of your neighbor, then it can cause resonance in the signals and may interrupt the speed. This is why; one has to keep playing with the channels in order to opt for the one where maximum speed is attained. These channel numbers can be easily changed in the settings of the WIFI routers or wireless networks.

5. Antenna quality:

Transmission of the wireless signals from the router highly depends upon the quality of the antenna that has been attached to it. In order to have an uninterrupted wireless internet speed, one has to attach a high strength antenna with the router so that it could transmit the signal everywhere and with proper transmission. People can also change the direction of these wireless signals by using different technique making use of plastic bottles or cans.


By bringing these tips into action, one can easily feel the difference in his or her slow speed wireless internet. Now, people do not need to pay for the slow speeds as they can accelerate the signal strength and ultimately the internet speed of their WIFI routers.


Being an expert in the field of information technology, Nisha Pandey has devised many ways to check internet speed. In addition to this, she is concentrating a lot on making the people aware of the precautionary measure that can be adept to increase the bandwidth and speed of the internet.