Some Windows 8 Screen Captures

Here are some screen captures (actually digital photos) I took of Windows 8 Developer Preview on my Dell laptop.  The installation went pretty good; it saved all my personal files and detected all my hardware aside from the audio, which I cannot get to work at all.

My Dell Inspiron’s specs: T2600 2GHz CPU with 2GB RAM. Windows 8 runs a little ‘draggy’ on it, but this is an early beta, so it is not surprising. Windows 7 runs fine on it, so I would expect future releases of Windows 8 to improve speed-wise.

You can click on any photo to enlarge it in a new window.

Preparing for first use

Here's the Metro interface

This is the Windows 8 Lock screen

Windows 8 needs lots of disk space!

Windows 8 comes with IE10