Some Steps to do Marketing in Twitter

twitter logoIn these years, Twitter , as a new SNS websites, have growing number of users. Consequently, more and more marketers search a new way in Twitter to do business. Using Twitter, they can effectively adapt to this consumer behavior by creating marketing campaigns that pull people into their business, instead of pushing marketing messages out. They can offer useful information, tools, and resources to attract people to their sites, while also interacting and developing relationships with consumers on Twitter. They also buy twitter followers so that they can get followers fast. Following are some steps about how to do marketing in Twitter.

Step one: personalize your profile

It is important to personalize your account before you begin interacting and following others. Your profile is where you can reference your company, your brand, your products, and even your location. Don’t forget to make your profile interesting so that it can attract more people. In the “One Line Bio”, be as descriptive as possible. Several points should be included: your company, your position, your specializations and your recent projects. You can completely control what you say. And then you should update your information frequently. Besides, you can decorate your Twitter profile to make it more attractive.

Step two: start tweeting

If you want to find your followers, you need start tweeting to so that you can give people an idea of the type of content you will be tweeting. Many things can be tweeted. You can tweet about what you’re doing, thinking or feeling. You can give a introduction of your company and your brand. You can post a link of interesting posts or articles. You can upload funny videos. You can share a link of next conference you plan to attend. You can even retweet to repeat what someone else say. Besides, you can use an @sign to send message to more people. Remember everything you say is public and everything you can must relate to your company.

Step three: find people to follow

Before you find your followers, you need firstly find people you want to follow. This is also the first step to build your network in Twitter. Expanding your network is not immediate. You need take time to use Twitter effectively.

You can find more people in Twitter Guider. You can discover the “Twitter Elite” of your city and search for people with interesting information in their profile. Besides, you can search people in Twitter Search. This is a search tool to help you to find people who are tweeting about specific words. Of course, you can follow some famous people, even some stars. Besides, you can join some events to follow the others who are at the same event.

Step four: get people to follow you

This is the purpose you want to do marketing. In addition to what have been said, there are still something you need to do to expand your network.

Firstly, you need make your Twitter username easy to search. Thus, it is easier to make more people know your company quickly. Then you should interact with more people. Secondly, you should make your tweets have useful resources so that people need you. People will follow you if they think they can get value in your Twitter.

Those four steps are the basic ways to do marketing in Twitter. Take the advantage of Twitter and do marketing!