Top 5 Software to Organize Your Internet Life

You may disagree with me but the Internet life has become an alternative reality. Millions of people are spending more time online than offline. So, they use tools and apps to organize their Internet life. Again, you may find it funny and unreal, but often you can’t do much without such applications and services. What apps and services do I mean? Ok, let’s get started. Here’s my list of applications that I think will simplify your Internet life and help you stay more focused and organized.

Google Docs

C’mon, don’t tell me you are still using old fashioned offline text editors. Well, if you are, it’s high time you move to the cloud. Google Docs are not only a great editor to type text, it is also a fantastic collaborative tool. Forget about attaching documents to emails and trying to find the necessary docs on your local PC. Just share a Google doc with your colleagues, with a few or with all of them – the decision is yours. Google Docs have everything a good text editor is supposed to have. It covers needs of 99% of users. Sure, if you need to create some specific content, you have to use specialized tools. Actually, I cannot imagine my life without Google Docs. Can you?


Please, do not blame me of any Google advertising, but Google Calendar is just fantastic. You will never miss anything if the event is in your calendar. It is easy to manage events and invite your friends and colleagues. It is so convenient to create an event and invite folks. The calendar will automatically send out invitations to all people who will decide whether or not to attend an event. We are living in a busy cyber world with online meetings. So, using Google Calendar is a must for any person who spends most of his time online.


What? You don’t have an account with Dropbox? Stop surprising me. Dropbox is an incredibly convenient service to host and share files. Yes, you can share documents via Google Docs. But what about files and archives? What about photos? You can upload and share any content to Dropbox! Besides, there are client apps for all known platforms, including iPhone and Android. Believe me, if you create an account with Dropbox you will never regret it.


You are making notes and constantly losing them? Then, Evernote is an app for you. You won’t ever miss a single word. Just take a photo of a sticky note and add it to Evernote and you will be able to search for it! Evernote can recognize text in images. Anyway, this is a fantastic service that busy people will benefit from. Like Dropbox, it offers apps for a variety of platforms, like Android and iOS. Enjoy it.

Remote Utilities

Access to a remote PC is important for people who face multitasking. One PC cannot handle everything you might need. So, connect to a remote PC, and perform tasks there. You can use your office PC for that. File exchange and data encryption is provided. You can’t even imagine how much time you’d save.

Aleksey is an expert in customer support and uses Remote Utilities to help his customers. The app is easy to use, efficient and inexpensive.