SMTP: The Right Tool to Boost Profits for Small Businesses

In today’s business world, Internet is regarded as an essential part for business development. It provides an extremely versatile medium for communication with a huge amount of potential for all kinds of businesses. These days, businesses are highly reliant on technology than ever before. Emailing marketing is now considered as the fastest mode of communication, which provides you with the capability of building strong relationship with your business clients.

Everyone can notice how the world around us is changing rapidly. The increased use of Internet has become a crucial factor in building and maintaining a successful company. The life of businessmen includes regular traveling from one place to another for attending meetings and other business events. They need to send bulk emails on the move. No matter, wherever you are, you are just an email away from your business associates. Very efficient email marketing depends on a reliable SMTP server. It supports unlimited emailing and ensures timely delivery and protection of emails that are quite important business related messages.

Why SMTP for Businesses?

SMTP is an excellent individual service provider that is mainly focused on email delivery applications meant for marketing, which requires bulk email or high volume transactional delivery. The demand of email as a cost-effective, ubiquitous communication channel has given rise to spam, bounces, firewalls, email filtering etc. There is a continual rise in technical obstacles, and hence business users are demanding more reliability in email delivery, less disruptions as well as enhanced reporting metrics.

The invention of SMTP 12 years ago provided an ultimate solution which eliminated the hassles and also lowered the costs to make a higher-yielding level of service to the business user. This method is highly focused on improving email delivery through expert support, and is proven as a winning formula for customer maintenance via mails. Small businesses can gain huge profits through effective communication with their clients without any kind of risks.

Benefits of Using SMTP server

SMTP is used for mass email sending that helps the businesses and ensures that the emails would go to their specific destination. Some of the important benefits of SMTP server are as flows:

  • Simplicity
  • Quick Email Delivery
  • Reliability
  • Solves all technical issues
  • Helps to keep off from revenue loss and customer loss
  • Reduces headaches that comes while managing email activity

Have you checked your SMTP settings?

By changing some simple settings on Outlook, you could now easily check your business email from anywhere in the world. Let us have a look at those SMTP settings:

  • Choose the Tools menu and then go for the Account settings option
  • Select your mail account, select change
  • Now, modify the outgoing mail SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) server to your new SMTP network. Don’t modify the incoming mail server settings. Next step is to choose “More settings”.
  • Click the ‘outgoing server tab’ and disable the outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication. Next select the advanced tab.
  • Change the outgoing server (SMTP) port number to 2525 (and other alternatives are 25, 8025 or 587 etc) as required.

Author Bio: – Albert Johnson is working as a senior Network Administrator in a reputed software company. Apart from his profession, he is a professional blogger and author, who specially writes on network issues, SMTP server settings, Business marketing strategies etc.