Slow Connection Speed On Your Satellite Internet? Here’s What You Need To Check

Have you been facing slow internet speed on a Satellite internet connection? The problem may not be as severe as you think. This article will explain what may be the cause of slow speed, and how you can check and improve it for optimum internet connection speed in a satellite network.

Mostly, It’s More About The Browser Than Anything Else

Have you ever wondered how fast Google loads in your browser when compared to other websites? The primary reason of this is that speed is the primary business objective of Google. Google`s CEO once stated “Never underestimate the importance of fast”. His primary theory is that if the Google`s page loads slowly, users will click away from it without reading all the search results, which is something that will hurt the Google credibility to a great extent. Just to show how much importance Google gives “speed”, you can see that they launched a completely new browser, Google Chrome to help their users use their services in a much faster and easier way. No matter what competitors say or do, Chrome is by far the fastest browser available today.

The point we are trying to make here is that the browser can play a significant role in optimizing your internet connection and load the WebPages faster. Especially when you are using your internet connection on smart phones or tablets, having a clean browser can do wonders to improve your internet speed. There are normally many extensions installed in the browser that make the browser run slow and hence the internet connection gets slower as well.

Unwanted Programs

In most cases, the main culprits are programs that are run in the background. Most of those are un-wanted programs, that are started automatically at the system startup and use your network resources, which make your computer and internet connection to get slowed down. You have to check which program on your PC is sucking up the most bandwidth, you can use any bandwidth-monitoring tool for that, and then eliminate the programs you are not interested in running.

Virus Scan

In most cases, it is seen that viruses, spyware, and adware take up a huge chunk of bandwidth and thus make your internet connection bogged down in addition to your PC. It is vital to have a complete PC scan done every now and then for viruses and spyware to ensure that your PC and internet connections runs at their maximum capacity.

Hardware Testing

It is critical to check your hardware if your satellite connection is not offering the full speed. Sometimes a faulty satellite dish, satellite modem or cable can cause the connection to get slower as well. You can do the basic testing by yourself, and if the problem looks serious, you must contact the product vendor and get it fixed.

Call Satellite ISP

If none of the above solves your slow internet problem, the last resort would be to contact the customer support of your satellite ISP and have them come up and check for the possible reasons of slow internet speed.

James is a Technology Consultant and a certified CCNA. He has explored many Internet options over the year and including Satellite Internet. He has found HughesNet satellite Internet to be a reliable satellite internet service provider.