Skydrive Gives Access Anywhere

Mobile users are able to enjoy the versatility and convenience of using their phones to access a plethora of information. As technology grows, mobile phones are capable of doing a lot more than in the past. This sparks programmers and companies to create apps that make mobile computing possible, fast and convenient. Now Microsoft has launched a new app for their Skydrive service, a place to store and retrieve files both from your computer and your mobile phone.


Cloud computing is becoming a popular method for accessing and storing files for use anytime and anywhere you need them. Microsoft’s new Skydrive app allows the same concept. By uploading your files into the 25 GB storage they offer, you can access your files from any computer and now your mobile phone.

This app also allows you to upload your photos and videos from your phone into your Skydrive storage. Once you are home you can log into your Microsoft account and access the uploaded files to share, edit, or archive. This is a great way to keep the memory on your phone cleared and have access when you need it.


Skydrive offers a lot of space and with the ability to copy your Skydrive files onto your computer, the space is nearly limitless. Since you have 25 GB of free space to use, you can fill it, download the files, and fill it again. It eliminates the need to save files on your phone’s memory or card.

The convenience of having access anywhere is the main appeal. If you have an interview, appointment, or meeting, you can upload the files you will need from your computer to your Skydrive and access them once you are there. This can be a useful tool if you are constantly on the go for business. Never again will you be without the documents you need when you need them.

If you combine this app with Microsoft Office’s app, you can easily download, edit and upload Excel and Word documents at the moment of inspiration. If you come up with an idea on how to improve your document, download it, make the changes, and upload it while your ideas are still fresh.

Skydrive offers an easy way to share your files and folders. Once you have them uploaded, you can click on the files or folders you would like to share with others and send a link to your Skydrive files. This is a great way to collaborate with co-workers or just let your friends see your latest photos and videos. Added security will allow you to share with them, choose if they can view or edit the folders, and also will not allow them to share your link with anyone else.



Currently Skydrive only allows a limited variety of file types to be uploaded. Currently you can upload Excel files, Word documents, photos and videos. Perhaps in the future Skydrive will allow other file types for upload.

Another complaint is the inability to upload more than one file at a time. If you have a phone full of photos, you will have to upload one picture at a time. There are other apps you can use in conjunction with Skydrive such as iUnarchive that allows you to upload multiple files at once, however currently Skydrive itself does not offer that feature.

If you are constantly on the go and looking for a way to have access to the files that are important to you, Skydrive may be the solution. It is available as an app for iPhone and Windows phones, however, your Skydrive account can be accessed by any web enabled phone. Now you can have all your files just a tap away.

 Writer Stephanie Sanders is a communications consultant and contributes to, which has a large selection of cheap mobile phones with many unique plans.