Several “Sins” of Windows 8.1

More and more people have become acquainted with Windows 8.1 – the newest version of the most popular operating system in the world. The new upgrade is especially valuable and it is free. Microsoft has taken into account the wishes of users and added new features.

An interesting fact is that Microsoft decided to give a reward to anyone who is able find a critical vulnerability in Windows 8.1. What’s intriguing is that an important condition of the deal is to send any discoveries directly to the company, without involving anyone else.

The other day James Forshaw accepted that challenge and found holes that must be filled. He is an employee of Context Information Security, who described the whole class of security threats to protect Windows 8.1. Price of $ 100,000 looks very attractive, in contrast to Facebook, which pays only $ 12,000 for the same “service”.


The “Sins” of Windows 8.1:

1. To relearn where everything is. The “Start” button is back in the interface, however, it’s pretty hard to find it is confusing at the very beginning, but this is not an Armageddon, right?

2. Users of the new Windows 8.1 operating system have certain complaints about difficulties with loading platform. In addition, it was found that the updated version can be downloaded to one computer, although previously it was possible to purchase software on several computers.

3. Operating System Windows 8.1 was designed to upgrade Windows 8 and Windows RT. However, with there were problems with the last one. Update Windows 8.1 was removed from the Windows Store, after users’ complaints about problems with the computer, in particular appeared “blue screen of death”! That happens because of incompatibility if old drivers with the new system. To avoid this fatal mistake, it’s better to update all the necessary drivers, if you have intentions to use Windows 8.1 Anyhow, widespread opinion among users is to wait for removal of all the “bugs”; to make sure everything is fine, to test and use the system.

Healthy criticism is good motivation for improvement and development. This example of Windows 8.1 shows how important to get rid of disadvantages in time. That is why demanding users and experienced developers will always keep an eye on such products.

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