Should I Buy an eReader?

From ABC7News: “A new study by Pew Internet says the percentage of Americans who own an e-book reader has doubled over the last six months.” Yes, eReaders have surged in popularity although they have been around for several years now. Advancing technology has made them lighter and easier to carry, connect wirelessly to the Internet and most importantly, easier to read in all light conditions. No doubt some of your friends, coworkers and classmates own one and have suggested you get one as well. Still, something holds you back…what could it be?

Reasons not to get an eReader

Since I love books, I have often thought of getting an eReader myself. How nice it would be to have a library of books I have selected at my fingertips, and since I enjoy reading classic literature, this would be most convenient since many eReaders come pre-loaded with the classics.

So, what holds me back?

Three things:

  1. Price
  2. Vanity
  3. My collection of printed books


Prices of eReaders have definitely come down in price, led by Amazon reducing its price of the Kindle dramatically to just over $100 ($139 at time of writing). Only a couple of years ago, it was over $300! I would like to see them come down to under the psychological barrier of $100, then I may consider one.

Doctor, my eyes!

OK, this is a lame excuse since I know you can adjust the display font, but then I would feel like I was reading a large print book instead of a regular sized page of print. Oh vanity!

My Large Book Collection

Here is the real reason I have held back: I have plenty of books on my self I am neither willing to get rid of, nor get the eBook equivalent of (if one were available). I rarely read new releases, and rarer still any works of fiction, so I don’t see the sense in paying good money while I literally have dozens of books in an unread condition.

My thoughts aside, I think eReaders are a great idea and the technology preserves resources and if it gets people reading, then I am all for it. Reading is one of my greatest pleasures and I enjoy my collection of books. Perhaps I am old-school, but I love to handle books while I read them, and as I alluded to earlier, I have a lot of vintage books that look and feel great in my hands. I even enjoy the smell of them!

An eReader will never replace those feelings.

Yet, I can see that ereaders have a place in many people’s lives. It saves paper, it takes up less room than a room full of books and is a lot easier to pack up and move! If you dont care like reading the book you have at the moment, you can easily switch to another, or even download a new one in seconds. That’s cool.

What is your opinion on eReaders? Do you have one? Tell us about what you like/don’t like about them.