Setting Up a Computer Home Network

Free PC Matic ScanBack in the old days, setting up a computer home network was unheard of. Normal home computer users simply did not have the equipment that was needed to set up a home network. Nowadays I do not know of any household that has not got a computer and an Internet connection, however some people still feel that setting up a computer home network is still out of reach.

Setting up a computer home network is probably cheaper and easier than you think. Of course you will still need a few things to complete this task, however you most probably do not need a computer technician to help you.

More than one computer

Of course if you want to set up a computer home network, you will need two computers to do this. Otherwise if you only have one computer you might as well just simply connect to the Internet. Setting up a home network allows you to share files and resources with other computers in your house. For example you might want to share a printer by adding a network printer and having it available to all computers on your network.

Internet connection

When you are setting up a computer home network, it is obvious that you will need an Internet connection. All you have to do is phone up your preferred Internet service provider (ISP) and sign up for an Internet connection. They will usually supply you with a modem to connect to the Internet. At this point, if you are new and are getting an Internet connection for the first time, you should probably opt in for a wireless modem which will make setting up your home network easier later.

Computer home network equipment

Your computer at home network equipment will depend on your needs. I’ll will quickly list a few options available:

  1. If you have a wireless router modem, you will not need a router. However any computer that wants to connect to this wireless Internet connection needs to have a wireless adapter fitted to it. For example most laptops have inbuilt wireless adapters, but desktops might need a wireless adapter card added to them. These components will pick up the wireless signal from the modem.
  2. If you have a normal modem that is not wireless, and you do not have a router, you can still connect two computers to the Internet. This is done by connecting one computer through an Ethernet port any other through a USB port. In this situation, with a normal mode, you will need cables to connect both computers.
  3. To make your connection wireless, simply by a wireless router to connect to your normal mode. This will convert your signal into wireless.

Therefore when setting up a computer home network is the computers will need a network adapter, or a wireless network adapter, depending on which modem you have.

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Quick steps to set up a home network

Let’s presume that you have a router and a modem and you want to connect to computers to the Internet. Hopefully you would have already installed network adapters into your computers, or maybe you have a laptop that already has a wireless adapter built-in.

The first thing to do is connect the router to your computer so you can access it to set it up. Routers have an IP address that you have to typing to your Internet browser in order to configure the router settings. There is a router network setup wizard that will run you through everything. When you are buying a new router you will probably even have a set up disk where every step is laid out for you. After configuring your router, it is then time to uncloaked it from your computer, and plug it into your modem.

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At this point, providing your modem has an Internet connection, the router will as well. This means you can either plug computers in via Ethernet cords or if you have wireless, connect to them wirelessly. This will set you up a basic home computer network. Things get a little bit more difficult when you start to share particular files and set permissions.

My name is Mitz Pantic and I’ve been working with computers for over 25 years and love to teach people how to use their computers. If you need any more information about setting up a computer home network, I have hundreds of networking tips available for free on my website.