Selling Your Laptop in 4 Easy Steps

As it becomes more and more commonplace for a person to find themselves short of cash many of us are beginning to have to look around for ways to earn extra money. Luckily a solution exists if you have an old, disused laptop as these can be sold quickly and easily online. Even if your laptop is damaged you will find a number of companies on the internet that will take it off your hands for a fair price.

Keep reading for a handy step by step guide to clear space in your office and home and earn some extra cash in the process.

Obtain a quote

If a site is any good they will a have an online form to gather the system specifications and general condition of your laptop, this is necessary to get an idea of how much it may be worth and the quote will be based on this. It is important to get the specifications right and be honest about the condition as they will check it themselves once they’ve received the laptop. If these details are wrong then the amount quoted for the laptop will change, although if you find the new price to be too low, they will generally send it back to you for free.

Arrange for the laptop to be transferred them

Once you are happy with the price quoted for your laptop, all you need to do is get the laptop to the company for checking of its specification and condition prior to the deal becoming official. A lot of them will send you a pre paid box for you to use for this purpose. Alternatively a company may offer a courier service, generally for free, to come and collect the item on a date of your choosing and return it to their workshop for checking.

Package the laptop securely

Once you’ve determined how you will get the laptop to the company for evaluation you should securely package the laptop. When doing this it is you should be aware that damage inflicted whilst in transit is not covered by the company that receives the laptop and it should be safely packaged with this in mind.

Wait for the money to arrive

The laptop will be checked once it arrives at the company workshop by one of their engineers to ensure that it meets the exact specifications you’ve stated for it and that any damage and faults were correctly identified and reported at the quotation stage. Once this is done the money is sent to your bank account by same day bank transfer, same day PayPal transfer or by way of a cheque.

There you have it, four easy steps and you’ve sold your laptop for some quick cash, if you’re looking for a great site to sell yours, head over to Sell Your Laptop and see what price they can offer you for yours.