Dust the Cobwebs off Your Broken iPhone

If you have bought a new IPhone chances are that you will want to sell your old one. Today, that is not neither a difficult nor a risky proposition. Being able to sell your old phone and getting top price for it means that you automatically partly recover the cost of your new phone and that can come as a definite relief. You can easily go online and sell your broken iPhone for an excellent price. One such site that can help you sell off your used Apple product is Appleshark.com.

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The Apple-Gobbler

This 50-year old St. Louis based company will give you the highest price for all your old Apple devices. It has a proven track record in buying out Apple devices at best price. Whenever you need to sell and outdated/ broken iPhone, you can approach Appleshark.com. They put out an online bid for the product. This bid is valid for up to 45 days. Once you accept the bid, you print out a mailing coupon and send it off to them, free of charge. Another noticeable perk is that the company insures the product at no extra cost to the customer.

Safe and Sound

With Appleshark there are no payment slows. The payment gets sent out the as soon as the product reaches the company. The customers who have Paypal accounts receive their payment instantly. For those who choose to receive their payment via mail, a check is sent out the very same day.

The No-Risk Factor

Mailing your product to an unknown buyer is a definite risk and chances of being scammed increase tremendously. With Appleshark handling the deal for you, you are at no risk whatsoever.

Added Security

Apart from the fact that Appleshark has been in the market for half a century, conducting its business in an extremely reliable manner, it also has SSl certification. This ensures information security for customers. Their personal information is in safe hands and completely protected.

Options and More…

When you deal with Apple buyback programs other than Appleshark, the options via which you can receive payments are very few. What is available here are:

  • Instantaneous PayPal transfer
  • Payment via personal check (both, standard and express options are available)
  • You can get paid via the Apple Gift card (you get an extra 3%)
  • Western Union Money Transfer

So, no matter what condition your iPhone be in, Appleshark will take it off your hands. In case you are wondering what they do with it, it recycles the various parts that are usable and uses in the manufacture of phones that are sold in third world countries. This also means that when you sell broken iPhones to Appleshark, you are lending a helping hand in saving the planet as well!

This article intended to help you sell broken iPhone is written by Jay, a die-hard iPhone fan. He is also a part time blogger and loves writing on latest tech and gadgets.