Searching, Restoring and Exporting Mailbox items Directly from MS Exchange Server

MS Exchange ServerSearching, restoring and exporting mailbox items directly from MS Exchange Server is now lot easier!

Without any second thought email is a vital means of communication that is widely used at every level of business life. It is this email that allows employees to communicate more effectively and at the same time had a huge impact on globalization.

As per the recent survey the ratio of number of corporate email messages exchanged is expected to reach to 233 per user/day in 2012. Information exchanged via email often contains vital info that at times proves very beneficial in tracking key events. Moreover, considering this email messages as legal documentation won’t be wrong at all. It is because of such reasons, today many business are archiving email messages. Most businesses today create backups of their Exchange data and the two approaches they follow are – Full Backup and Brick Level Backup.

In a full backup, both the Public and Private Information Stores and associated log files are backed up. The disadvantage to this technique is it does not provide any facility to perform any email recovery. You cannot restore individual mailboxes or messages. On contrast to this, in a brick-level backup, one or more individual mailboxes are backed up. This provides you the flexibility to restore the individual mailboxes.

Now, after knowing the backup methods think about the number of e-mail messages and mailboxes stored in your organization’s Exchange server backups. Think about the capital organizations have to input in order to maintain a proper backup. If you needed to find a single e-mail message or mailbox in your backups, how long would it take? Now, many of you must be wondering why I am asking such question. Well, the answer is too simple. There are certain situations when the user’s email message right across multiple EDBs/PSTs/Live mailboxes turns inaccessible.  

Scenarios that may lead you to restore email message could be like-

  • Accidental deletion of items and simultaneously you urgently require accessing those emails so that you could successfully complete the deal.
  • Sudden requirement from legal department to get an access to a particular communication made between two different employees of your organization to discover a probable fraud.

Besides all these, performing a search operation for any particular email items across huge amount of data accumulated over the years across multiple backups is never going to be an easy task. In addition, as maintaining a proper backup always involves storage costs, human resource cost and infrastructure cost, thinking about searching a particular email message could again be an extensive process.

Somehow, if you could cut down the time spent searching for and restoring email by one-third, then that would save great amount of money in a single year! This savings in the cost of human resources would be on top of any other savings. Well, now there is no need to plug your numbers and make any estimation as there is a way to deal with such scenarios in a very effective manner.

Use proficient third party exchange recovery application that is very well integrated with Email Search capacity. Using such application, it gets lot easier to search email message right from EDB or PST files or exchange mailboxes very easily. Adding to that, such application provides you with different parameters to search message.

So the next time you face a situation where you want to restore or export mailbox items directly from MS Exchange Server, you know what to do.

Article Summary

There are scenarios where you require restoring particular message from the mailbox, but performing such task is not easy. A search operation for any particular email items across huge amount of data accumulated over the years across multiple backups is always going to be a tricky procedure. But with the usage of third party exchange server recovery application you can search and restore email message very easily.

Author’s Bio  

Steve Smith is a technical writer and in past has written different articles based on exchange server recovery. In this article, he has provided a most suitable trick to search the particular email items across huge amount of data accumulated over the years across multiple backups.