Ways to Take Screenshots on Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers nowadays and it’s used by millions all over the world. It brings a lot of interesting features and that’s why it has a loyal fan base. In addition, the support for web applications and amazing extensions is attracting more and more users to this browser.

The ability to take screenshots is something that many people need nowadays, as they want to share their content with their friends and colleagues as fast as possible. Google Chrome integrates such abilities via extensions or apps, so you can easily grab a Chrome screenshot without any problem. A good screenshot utility needs to be very easy to use and also has to integrate seamlessly with your browser, so it won’t interfere with your workflow. Find below some Google Chrome screenshot solutions;, all of them are free.

1.    Webpage Screen Capture


This web-based application provides you with the ability to capture webpage screenshot via URL, edit it with rich options, upload them to Cloud space, and then post your newly grabbed images to social media accounts such as Twitter or Facebook, among others. In details, by simply entering the link of target webpage, you are able to create screenshot for the entire webpage including the part that extends beyond the browser. This makes it the best screenshot tool for Chrome.

2.    Screen Capture


This extension allows you to capture all the visible content of a tab, web page or anything displayed in your browser just by clicking a button. Not only that, but it also allows you to edit the final image as well, which is really important in this regard. And if that wasn’t enough, you can add text highlighting, redacting and other features without any problem. The application is quite fast when it comes to capture the web page content and that’s surely one of the things that draw people to install it.

3.    Lightshot


Also available as a standalone application, Lightshot is brought to you as an easy to use and convenient screen capture application that allows you to take a snapshot of the desired area at any given time. What makes it really unique is the fact that this app can take screenshots for Java apps and Flash videos, a feature that’s surely very useful.

4.    Full Page Screen Capture


Just like you would expect, this extension allows you to grab the entire content displayed by a web page. It’s very easy to use and it brings a very simple way for full-screen captures. It’s suitable in those situations when you want to grab all the items on your screen, but it can’t capture screen areas. Anyway, it works like a breeze in creating webpage screenshots.


5.    Webpage Screen Capture

webpage-screen-capture-extensionThis a free and powerful extension that allows you to capture any portion of the website’s content. Not only that, but it allows you to modify the captured image, create PDF, create thumbnails, upload to Google Drive, attach screenshots to Gmail messages and perform multiple other actions without any problem. I really like the feature of publish webpages in PDF forms, which makes it quite efficient to share files to my working partners in documents.

To sum up, there are lots of applications that you can use to grab web page content, but using a web app or installing a browser extension on your Google Chrome can do the job just as easy. Learn more about Chrome extension screenshot.