Review: Cardo Systems’ Scala Rider G9 Software

Have you tried the new Cardo Scala Rider G9? The G9 is the most sociable communication system loaded with excellent features. Communication is driven to a whole new level with the Cardo’s G9.

This is the most advanced motorcycle wireless communication system from the industry pioneer and world leader in motorcycle communication products – the Cardo Systems, Inc. The company is poised to transform the wireless industry with their all new G9 that lets you toggle back and forth to communicate with fellow riders.

The Rider G9 intercom is available as a single kit as well as the PowerSet two-pack. With this G9 intercom (One+8), the rider can connect to eight riders within an one mile radius.

The main features of the intercom include:

  • Full Duplex Conferencing – 4-Way (2 passengers and 2 drivers), 3-Way (3 different bikers), 2-Way (rider-to-passenger or rider-to-rider)
  • Mobile Phone / GPS device
  • Click-to-Link for connecting with any G4/G9 user
  • Unique Intercom “One+8” – connects 8 additional G9 users
  • Mobile Phone Conference Mode
  • MP3 Player and built-in FM radio (8-10 hours radio)
  • Waterproof and Dustproof
  • iPhone Compatible
  • Flash-Pairing
  • Voice Command
  • Multilingual status announcements
  • Cardo Community platform

G9 is one among the most anticipated motorcycle products of 2012. The system has several interesting features in addition to excellent sound quality. G9 is very easy to use with its unique Cardo Community online platform. This web platform allows riders to plan trips and invite fellow bikers or friends for group rides. The riders can also customize the intercom’s functionality by modifying the settings. These settings will be saved in the user’s profile for any future reference or even modification.

What’s more interesting is the upgradable software. The upgradable software of G9 ensures that the device remains at the technology’s forefront. Since the launch, the software has been upgraded thrice and the last update – software version 1.3 for G9 was released on 3rdOct, 2012. This update is available for free on the Cardo Community online platform. This upgrade includes audio announcements, new voice commands, cross-language voice recognition and new VOX settings.

Talking about the audio announcements, the latest software offers various features like radio station frequency announcement, low battery announcement, new group signal from rider A to B, saved radio station announcement and power ON/Off announcement. The new voice commands features two new options such as control music by voice and control radio.

But, that’s not the best of the Rider G9. This new paradigm has many potential features like Click-to-Link – that allows instant connections with any G4 or G9 riders. In other words, waving has become a thing of the past and now with G9 you can reach out and even say hi! It’s not just this; the new Flash Pairing feature connects users by bumping any two G9 devices together. The Group Signal or Hot Dial calling feature allows the rider to initiate alerts. And the Cardo Community – it’s simply social networking on wheels.

In simple words, the G9 is the next generation motorcycle communications product with features that are more than just convincing. It’s an excellent choice that the riders will love.

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