3 Companies that Have Benefited from SAP Consulting…and Why

SAP Consulting case studies

A major benefit of an SAP software implementation is the opportunity to leverage experienced SAP software consultants to assist companies with their transitions to an SAP enterprise resource planning system. The benefits of calling in an SAP consulting firm to maximize business effectiveness and improve infrastructure flexibility are well documented. Here are just a few examples of the many SAP consulting case studies in circulation today.


Toy manufacturer LEGO has been seeing double-digit growth in recent years, and is moving to add new products to its portfolio, both in the area of new toys and also of new theme parks. Scalability was becoming an issue, especially when it came to product design, development and in employee management.

LEGO wanted to execute fast, reliable operations roll outs. Their SAP consultants helped them to implement the integrated SAP Business Suite, including the Human Capital Management and Product Lifecycle Management modules, on IBM technology.

This upgrade allowed LEGO to more effectively roll out new game systems and other new products, including LEGO Star Wars characters. As a result of these technology improvements LEGO increased its revenue by 22%, from operations in 130 countries with 8,000 employees. An investment of 45 million euros is bringing LEGO business benefits of 150 million euros, a threefold return on investment.

Freeport McMoRan

Another interesting SAP consulting case study involves a multinational mining operation in the midst of a corporate expansion. Freeport McMoRan’s mining operations had $19 billion in revenue on six continents and more than thirty thousand employees. A major acquisition fostered an urgent need to quickly scale up.

Legacy enterprise resource planning systems became problematic, so they launched an initiative to standardize and expand storage and  computing capacity. The new architecture needed to synthesize remote operations in South America, Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. They wanted standardized management tools, the ability to outsource operations to a third party, and the capacity for cloud architecture.

Freeport’s SAP consultants helped them gain the desired flexibility with an architecture based on Cisco’s Unified Computing System and NetApp’s Unified Storage Solution. A private cloud built on this framework using VMWare VSphere and SAP software to maximize investment, improve performance and simplify management and operations.


Audi is an interesting entry in SAP consulting case studies. A chief goal was improving the calculation of costs per vehicle produced, with better estimates of actual costs and the ability to more easily adjust projected costs. They were able to use SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0 to facilitate much easier access and analysis of their freight data.

This intuitive application integrates with Microsoft Excel and the improved usability that resulted from the change now allows reports to be produced about 20% faster, in eight days rather than ten. Meanwhile the logistics staff is able to spend less time administering the system and more in analyzing the data, thus providing management with better information tools to manage freight costs for the enterprise.

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