Samsung Windows 8 Tablet Sensations

This is an article highlighting the chief features of the new Samsung windows 8 tablet. It gives a brief description along with details regarding their available models and price bands. This article also includes suggestions regarding whether or not to buy the device and why.

I always knew that the Zombie apocalypse was near, but I never thought it would be so beautiful. I mean, look around. Don’t you find everyone busy doing something or the other on their Smartphones? Well, more recently, people find tablets more interesting. 

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Anyone thinking about Sky net? Well, I am, only worse. But that said, I continue to be amused with the kind of technology the world is faced with. It is absolutely stunning. I mean, little palm sized devices that can practically control every aspect of your life is surely a treat (only until the time they don’t take over…I guess it’s just a matter of time). So okay, enough of my Ramblings about our doom, coming back to the technological developments, it would be unfair if I did not mention the Samsung tablet for Windows 8. Samsung has happily launched its new kid, the Series 5 Ultra Touch Windows 8 Ultra book.

This line of the Smart PC collection includes some of the best 13 inch tabs the world has seen. It is fast, reliable and features a refreshingly new design concept (obviously, you know, after the whole copycat thing).



The display of the new Samsung Windows 8 tablets is refreshingly unique. The device has a 1366 X 768 display screen. Samsung enthusiasts claim that this tablet offers a kind of display that the industry has not seen so far. We expect nothing less.


Since memory is the massive concern amongst people who are planning to buy gadgets, Samsung has played it smart by offering distinct features. It offers a 500 GB hard Drive with 24 GB of ExpressCache. It also hosts 4 GB of RAM. I guess, it’s got a little something for everyone.


The central intelligence of any computer is the processor. The kind used determines the capability of the device with respect to its speed and functionality. The Samsung Windows 8 Ultra book runs on a Core i3 Processor. But the good news is if you really want to upgrade it to the Core i5, all you need to do is put in about $50 extra and it’s done.

The Price Model

The hardware will become available on Windows 8’s October 26 release.

  • ·            Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T = $749.99
  • ·            Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T =  $1,199.99
  • ·            Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch: Intel Core i3: $809.99; Intel Core i5: $859.99
  • ·            Samsung Series 7 All-In-One: 27-inch: $1,699.99; 23.6-inch: $1,099.99
  • ·            Samsung Series 5 All-In-One: $799.99
  • ·            Samsung Series 7 Notebook: $1,099.99
  • ·            Samsung Series 9 Premium Ultra Book: Starting at $1,299.99

What we Say

Well, I mean if you ask me I’d say you should buy every piece of technology so that one day when it gets outdated and becomes ancient you can auction it and earn millions (I still own a Canon S 2 camera my granddad gave me as a gift!)

However, that apart, if you are a business man with a lot of complex business operations that you need to keep a lid on, while you are on the go, then there is nothing better than owning this gadget. It will help you take care of all the tasks seamlessly because of its powerful processor and a good memory.

If you are in the digital or art industry which requires a heavy duty work order profile, you too might go for this because of its enormous capacity to store stuff. It is also a great companion for creativity.

However, if you are an individual student or someone with a work that does not require too many complex tasks, you might want to reconsider spending this kind of money on a tablet. There are others available which will justify your need at a much less price.

However, if you are a technology buff like me and want to arm yourself with some deices of your own before Sky net takes over, well, and then too this will be a smart investment. I mean who knows when you are running in your fight for survival; you might need all sorts of stuff to help you out. I am getting mine, are you? Author Bio:

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