Make Surfing Safe: Boost your Online Security

As an individual or a business, the concept of online and website security is an extremely important one. Whether you are surfing the net for a little online shopping, browsing sites for the latest news or providing a service for your customers, there are ways in which you can boost your security. With Symantec website security solutions, regardless of what you need on a personal or business level, you can be sure to find a product to suit you. Take a look at these simple tips to make your online experience as safe as possible.

  • Utilise anti-virus tools – a very simple answer to many a computer problem. There are a vast range of computer security solutions on the market nowadays, including the anti-virus software that used to be provided by Norton, but now operated by Symantec. Sitting silently in the background, it will wave a red flag if it should find something malicious, giving you the peace of mind to browse safely.
  • Switch to plain text mail – If you don’t want to fall victim to email scams, avoid HTML emails. There are ways to hide nasties in HTML emails; plain text will eliminate this problem. Set your viewing to plain text as default – if you know and trust the sender, you can view it as an HTML email.
  • Switch your Web Browser to avoid browsers that support Active-X controls that could be malicious. Check your browser’s security and ensure firewalls are in place.
  • Screen your Downloads – Whether you use downloading software or need to download a file from a site, screen it before you open it. Save it to your hard drive and perform a quick scan of the file, so that you know there’s nothing untoward hiding inside.

Maximising your online and website security will give you the peace of mind you need when surfing the net. Take a look at the various Symantec website security solutions available, which are perfect tools for both individual and business use.