Convert Your Ripped DVDs to iTunes

iMovie, a versatile video editing software built by Apple is for Mac and iOS. iPhones, iPads and all of them use it. With iMovie even a small time run movie can be created in few minutes. However iMovie 6 and iMovie 8.0 are two of the favourites iMovie among users.

iMovie 6 was introduced in 2006 and came as an optional package with iLife’08. It was a substitute for iMovie ’08 and was found to be compatible with Macintosh computers. Integrating it with other Apple products like iPhoto, iTunes, iWeb etc, it also provided new customized menu options and pre- designed themes to edit videos. Each theme comprised of full-motion graphic images and transitions. iMovie HD 6 added real- time effects and enhanced audio tools. But now iMovie HD 6 is still the preferred version to integrate DV over Firewire codec.

iMovie ’09 or version 8.0 was released in 2009 as part of the iLife ’09 package. It combined feature of its predecessors with its own new features and resulted in providing fast and slow motion videos and stabilized videos. iMovie version 8.0 enabled editing of videos with a proper and fine cut editor and trimmer. It also introduced a full screen library browser where watching and editing videos took at one place. Importing and converting VOB files to iMovie is not easy. Be it iMovie HD, iMovie 08, iMovie 09, or iMovie 11, first VOB needs to be converted to an iMovie friendly format. VOB files earlier were created with a disk image with disk utility and imported as .dmg files to iMovie on Mac. Nowadays they need to be converted to iMovie format and for this an iMedia Converter Deluxe for Mac has come into action. Since these are no longer supported it’s best to use a new DVD burner for Mac OSX, take a look at these reviews for other iMovie alternates.

Certain products cannot be directly used on Apple products. How to put DVDs on iTunes? To make them usable in these products, you have to rip DVD videos to compatible formats for iTunes. In short you have to convert DVD format into iTunes compatible video format. For example Aimersoft DVD Ripper can help in doing this. In fact with this product you can also edit your original video file.

Importing DVD to iTunes by using this ripper, you just have to select ‘Load DVD’ to load the required- to- be- ripped DVD file to iTunes. You can edit the file if you want. Choose output folder (MP4 or MOV etc) and output format (iPod or iPad etc). Then select ‘Start’ to start the procedure. DVD will now get converted to iTunes compatible format.

A DVD ripper is different other DVD software. It is a software program that transfers audio or video content of DVDs into different formats, for example, the combination of files that form the audio and video contents on DVD can be further combined and converted into single files such as avi, flv, mp4, mp3 etc that are compatible with other media players and portable devices like iPhone, iPod and iPad etc.

Some DVD rippers offer high definition support, others offer conversion of DVD formats to highly compressed MP4 files and others convert DVD formats to higher quality compressed video formats.


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