How to Rip CDs in Windows 8 Using Windows Media Player

It is possible to copy CDs in Windows 8 through a very simple procedure involving Windows Media player. Ripping seems to many a strange term but all that it means is copying music from a CD being played in Windows Media Player and pasting it into the computer’s hard disk in MP3 format. In this tutorial I will give a step by step procedure on how to do this with a lot of ease and in the best format.

Procedure of ripping a CD in Windows 8.

1. Open the computers CD tray and insert the CD that you want to rip.

2. Press Windows Key + Q to open the Search Charm and type Windows Media Player and left click on it to open.

3. If you had not used Windows Media Player before configure it by pressing on either Express settings or Custom settings.

4. Now after Windows Media Player opens you need to configure it in order to rip your music in MP3 format.

5. Locate Organise on Windows Media Player menu tab and click on it then select Options.

6. A new window titled Options will appear. Locate Rip music from it and left click in order to open it up and configure.

7. Here we configure the Format and the Audio quality of the music to be ripped.

8. Click the drop down arrow under Format in order to select MP3 which is the standard format across all audio playing software and devices.

9. Under Audio quality drag the slider to set the quality you want. After this click on Apply then Ok.

10. Now move to the CD’s content and mark all the tracks you want ripped.

11. After that click on the Rip CD button in the toolbar and the process will commence.

12. After several minutes the process will complete.

13. In order to locate the music that you have ripped open the File Explorer (Windows Explorer) and open the Music icon in the Explorers default view.

14. This option is located in the left hand side of this explorer window. There you will find all the music you have just ripped.

That is how simple it is to copy your favourite music in MP3 format to your hard disk from your CD. So if you have been trying to easily copy music with failure then follow this procedure and see how easy it is.

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