Review: Winamp- Experience Amazing Media Play Options

Winamp is the most admired and trendy media players existing in Windows platform. Winamp is a free multimedia player developed by Null soft. It supports and plays several video and audio formats. People might probably used Winamp or at least heard about it. It’s one of the popular media player applications in the world. The exciting features and user friendly control option makes the Winamp unique. It displays file information, has different visualizations, can store playlists and loaded with various electrifying functionalities.

It is capable of playing any media files, display video, and stream online radio efficiently. The new eye catching visual, features, functionality etc. Gives amazing experience for the people using the Winamp media player. This application can stream live and recorded video online through internet connection.

When you open the Winamp player for the first time after installation, you’ll be offered with seven exclusive skinning options. Most of the users love to change their player skin within days because there are countless skins available for Winamp player all for free. Some skins entirely alter the Winamp player user interface. Some skins make the interface buttons vanish or reappear in special icon packages.
The icons are taken unusual forms and the general layout to significantly change. Many skins are purely artistic, means that they do not change Winamp default design and functions.

Music management:
The music management option is very unique in Winamp. You will be presented with the feature of manually adding up your music content to the Winamp music library. You can also import your iTunes library content. This is a simple function for the several users who already have their music collection structured within iTunes. Once your music contents loaded with Winamp, it automatically stores in the music library. You can play them whenever you need. In the library, you can adjust tags linked for every file.
You can alter the artist, track, composer and release date of your music files easily. It absolutely has sufficient amount of features to store and play your music collection.

Media playing option:
The Winamp media player can play any audio format without any trouble. A very few music players are compared with Winamp player in terms of features. The huge collection of visual effect boosts up the player accessibility. The music and video playing option is marvelous with the media player.
The music playing option mesmerizes the user with added functionalities. Users are allowed to choose their desired online service provider such as podcast directories, internet radio services, tour tracker, Song of the Day, Winamp charts, and Metro Lyrics. Winamp holds very widespread conversion software.

Added functionalities:
The user friendly software interface makes Winamp media player so popular. You can convert your files to MP3, wav, wma, aac, flac, and mp4. The course is awfully quicker. CD burning and ripping are available in the free version of Winamp. Null soft has developed a user friendly application to enhance your music experience. After a few days of usage, you will be fully skilled to handle the major options of Winamp.

Conclusion :
Although after trying many different media players , one can say that this is the best media player available in the arena on the internet. So grab it and download it now as it is also available with plugins .

This article is written by Jay Krishna Yadav, You might have heard of the new music platform, Spotify, which has exploded in popularity first in the UK and now worldwide.