Review: Usenet Access With UseNeXT

Usenet is a globally distributed package of newsgroups where users can post and read messages. It was founded 1979 in the United States at the University of Duke. Two innovative students defined a technical infrastructure to connect their PCs and to share files. Their platform became very successful and even today the Usenet is used by many enthusiasts. They share their ideas and opinions with others – you can compare Usenet with web forums. Nowadays, there are over 160.000 active newsgroups with terabytes of content.

Access with newsreader

The Usenet providers, that guarantee you fast and secure commercial access to the Usenet, offer a few newsreaders. With this software you can read and write content in the Newsgroups or you can download files from the Usenet. One of the most popular tools is the Tangysoft newsreader client, but UseNeXT for example gives you a free choice. You can use nearly every newsreader.  

UseNeXT – how to get started

First, go to the product site and register for a 14 day free trial version with a download volume of 300 GB. After the two weeks you can choose between several packages (30 GB / month, 80 GB / month or 250 GB / month). UseNeXT provides you with a license key for the newsreader software. From now on you are able to browse the Usenet and search for content that you are interested in.

UseNeXT is one of the best known usenet providers worldwide. They offer the following benefits:

  • 6 server farms worldwide
  • Over 6 terabytes of data
  • Download at full bandwidth
  • 24/7 support in different languages (telephone and email)
  • Encrypted registration.