SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery Software- Product Review

Hard drive disk, HD or HDD is the main storage unit for permanently storing all the data processed in a computer. Hard Disk corruption and damage are very common issues faced by most computer users and due to this huge demand from users, there are numerous software companies in the online market offering recovery software that works on corrupted hard disks. Today we are discussing SysTools® Hard Drive Data Recovery Software that provides quality output by executing a hard drive data recovery process using a highly advanced format.

SysTools® is in the industry of data recovery, cloud computing, email platform migration and many other domains. SysTools® Hard Drive Data Recovery Software is one of the products that deals with most hard drive corruption issues. Let us have a look on what the product offers for the user to resolve hard drive corruption issues like:

  • Accidental deletion or formatting of hard drive data done
  • Virus or any other malicious infection happened to the drive
  • Human error or logical error that damage the hard drive data

SysTools® Hard Drive Data Recovery stands as a unique solution to recover the entire data from the hard drive that is selected to be repaired with the 3 options of recovery provided as:

  • Normal Data Recovery (without Deleted files/folders)
  • Deleted files and folders only
  • Formatted partition recovery

Hard Drive Data Recovery version 3.3 runs with any version of Win OS and also executes the recovery of data from the toughest to toughest corruption issues. Download installation and other pre-operation steps with the data recovery software is quite easy. Not only that but also executing the hard drive data recovery software process is also user friendly, for an easy analysis the how it works steps and other recovery related steps are detailed here, have a look:


From the site SysTool Hard Drive Data Recovery download/buy and install the software on the Win OS used (as tool supports entire versions of Windows, users are free to install the tool on OS even 32 and 64 bit OS supported). Follow the download process and finish the process of installation without any trouble.
GUI of SysTools® Hard Drive Data Recovery software is easy to follow. To understand it well, follow the steps as shown below carefully.

  • Download the software and to run in go to the system path as:

Start>>All Programs>>SysTools® Hard Drive Data Recovery software>>SysTools® Hard Drive Data Recovery software

  • From the first screen displayed select the option to ‘Scan Disk’


Advance scan disk option lead to the screen to select the storage device to be scanned for an accurate hard drive recovery. As shown in the below screen user will get the entire drives and storage devices (windows discoverable) displayed from where an easy selection can be done.

  • Select the drive and then click on Recover Partition


To select the type of data recovery, recover partition button will provide 3 options as:

  • Normal Data (without deleted files/folders)
  • Deleted files and folders
  • Formatted partition

Normal Data – Select this option to recover the data from the normal data that is been inaccessible due to any reason. This kind of scanning or partition recovery will exclude the recovery of deleted files/folders.

Deleted files and folders- For the recovery of data that is deleted or removed from the hard drive accidently or purposefully this option is been provided.

Formatted partition- For the recovery of the data from the formatted partition of the drive selected, select this option.

  • Click Recover to start the scanning of selected drive


Once the scanning process starts, user will get process progress in the background which can be stopped or let proceed with the options available. Scanning process will take time according to the size of the data but normally it is a process completed within few second.


Look at the summary of recovery process displayed after successful scanning process executed. Total size of file, bytes read, folder number and files will be displayed, Click close to exit the report or click Search to search data from the scanned items.


· Going for the search option will lead user to the software panel where customized options are displayed which can give accurate search results among the bulk data scanned.

  • Creation date: specify from and to date
  • Last Modified date: specify from and to date
  • Search for: specify file type

View Scanned Data- Software will display the result of scanned data which can give idea about recoverable data. The folder marked with red cross indicates the deleted files/folders recovered.


Selecting individual files user can preview selected files or extract selected files. Preview will be shown at the bottom of the screen.


Extract folders to save them to the location by selecting the folder from the left pane of the tool.


Confirm the desired location to save the selected file or folder.


Once the files are saved user can exit the setup.



Hard drive data (partition FAT 32 and NTFS) can be easily recovered with SysTools® Hard Drive Data Recovery software. The investment over the product is much affordable and the result that the software provides is accurate to the expectation of user. Any kind of error or corruption issues that happens with the hard drive data can be resolved using SysTools® Hard Drive Data Recovery software. The option for deleted file/folder recovery and also the formatted data from the partition selection is highly appreciable and rare of its choice. Any hard drive data accessibility issues can be resolved with ease within any Win OS using this advance software solution.

  • Inaccessible, deleted, and formatted data from hard disk can be recovered with tool
  • A preview of recovered data can be previewed in software panel for satisfaction
  • Selected folders can be extracted and saved on disk. Option for data categorization while extraction is provided through “Search” option.