Samsung ML-2525W Review


A feature-rich device with an integrated wireless module at a totally democratic price is the thing lots of customers around the globe are looking for. Samsung ML-2525W meets all the parameters pointed out above, and certainly, it’s an incredible option for those who would like to get a reliable and cost-effective laser printer without crazy money investments. Outperforming most of its competitors, the print speed is, perhaps, the only aspect that doesn’t allow ML-2525W becoming the bestseller.


An ability to launch a simple one touch print job is, probably, one of the most significant features of the Samsung ML-2525W unit, as the user can easily print documents by a single click. The control panel has several intuitive buttons and a LED indicator. By pressing the print button on the control panel you can instantly activate your printer – it will print the current screen page of the PC it is connected to. Holding the button activates the settings window so you’ll be able to make all the necessary adjustments and proceed to printing super quickly.

In fact, Samsung ML-2525W is an upgraded model of Samsung ML-2525; now it is equipped with a wireless module, so anyone from your network can easily connect to the printer via Wi-Fi. Goodbye USB ports – hello wireless technologies.

Handling of paper is quite standard when it comes to Samsung ML-2525W, but even despite the fact that the machine is truly compact, a paper drawer of full value comes as a standard option. It can hold up to 250 sheets of paper, though the multi-purpose section allows the user to insert different kinds of media, e.g. envelopes, card stocks and transparencies, with no need in a storage chamber.

The Samsung ML-2525W printer includes AnyWeb software in its package, so be sure that you’ll be able to create unique and printable web data pretty quickly. Just drag and drop the elements from the web you like into the blank page of the special area and feel free to print the results without any tiring resizing or cropping. You’ll be able to save the results and store the files for future usage in *tiff or *pdf formats.


Definitely, the Samsung ML-2525W unit gives great opportunities due to the wireless built-in controller, but fairly, it could have been much quicker, as the result of 24 pages per minute won’t impress the demanding customer. Even taking into consideration the speed has been increased in comparison with the previous models, one of the most significant components is still leaving much to be desired.