Review: Reimage PC Repair Software

Computer problems are frustrating, whether you are a new or inexperienced user or a Windows IT pro. However, if you are an IT pro, there’s a good chance you know how to fix your Windows problems already. What about the other 98% of us? Where do we turn when we need Windows help? A co-worker? A relative? Chances are they may not be as much help as we hoped; possibly causing even more problems!

What if you had access to a professional online service that provided you with a free tool that thoroughly scans your Windows PC for errors, missing or corrupted files and security problems then gives you a complete diagnosis? That is what the Reimage PC Repair service does. And it does it very well!

I have just finished scanning my fairly new Lenovo ThinkPad T510 (running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit) and while I wasn’t experiencing any major problems, it reported some areas of concern and ended up replacing approximtely 3% of my Windows files (2% were damaged or incomplete and 1% were missing. See below).

How it Works

First, you download and install the free scanning software, then run it. The scan may take some time as it compiles data about yor Windows PC, its hardware profile, stability and security settings:

Then, once your Reimage report is ready, you can decide whether or not to fix your issues. It is at this point that a license key needs to be purchased to register Reimage and access the repair portion of the Reimage service. Reimage maintains a huge repository of Windows files and compares your Windows installation with an optimal one; replacing any files as necessary, scanning the registry and other areas for stability and security threats:

Depending on your PC and Internet connection, the actual repair/restore process may take an hour or more. Mine took approx. one hour from start to finish, so be sure you have the time before you start the repair process. Once the process is complete, you will be prompted to reboot your PC to apply any changes to locked files.

I must admit that Windows felt “fresh” after running Reimage! The only things missing were some icons that I had pinned to the taskbar, and my favorites in Internet Explorer were arranged alphabetically. However, I was pleased to see that “Sticky Notes” was back in the Start menu, since it had gone missing about a week ago and I use them on my desktop for reminders of things I need to do. Somehow that particular Windows program had been removed or corrupted, since a search failed to find the program anywhere on my drive. Thanks, Reimage!

What Reimage Will Not Do

Reimage only repairs & restores Windows files, not any third-party software such as Microsoft Office, Antivirus programs and so on. Reimage does not fix any hardware issues, such as your hard drive, CPU or RAM. It may make recommendations on replacing or upgrading these items, however.

Concluding Thoughts

I really like Reimage; it has a very professional feel about it, and while you do not always know exactly what it is doing in the background, I never felt I could not trust this software to do its job right. In fact, if you so choose, you can reverse all the changes it made with the click of a mouse. Once it does replace any files, it runs another thorough scan just be sure everything is as it should be. Still, it is always a good idea to back up your data before running any software that will make changes to your system. Try the free scan today; I am sure you will be suitably impressed by Reimage.

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