Undelete Deleted Files with Puran Utilities

A computer isn’t just an electronic device. It’s more like your body – it needs consistent, enduring care to make sure that it lingers to run efficiently. Neglect it for a long period of time and all sorts of problems starts creeping in.If you are anxious about keeping your PC running efficiently, there are a widespread range of utilities that come in handy from time to time, many of which are used in the unending maintenance of your PC.

Puran Utilities can assist you to uphold any version of Windows with a wide range of distinct tools that can be used to guard every phase of your PC.The interface is user-friendly with a collection of 23 icons, each of which offers access to a different utility. Although some concepts are duplicated from Windows, Puran Utilities have other unique impressive tools which they can boast about.

Data Management

Puran Utilities contains a number of tools that are intended to aid you to work with your files and disks. The Uninstaller allows you to liberate disk space by eradicating programs that are no longer vital, and Force Uninstall option is quite useful for programs that prove bothersome. It is advised to regularly clean up your list of installed programs to free up space.

The Disk Cleaner does very much what you would presume, searching pointless files that you can securely get rid of, and the Duplicate File Finder, as it is clear from the name, searches redundant files and eliminates them. From the safety point of view, Wipe Disk can be used to entirely obliterate the contents of a disk. Permanent files removal is also supported but on a specific basis, or you can annihilate an entire drive.

On the contrary, there is also a Data Recovery element that empowers you to repossess erased data that has not been overwritten. Though this is beneficial, it is nowhere as operative as a dedicated recovery programs and has only been intended data extraction.

The in-built registry editor provided by the Windows comprises of limited options whereas Puran Registry Cleaner on the other hand wipes out needless and invalid entries. As we know that any issue related to the registry can possibly be hazardous and unsafe so it’s a good thing that a backup is created before any changes are made. A defrag option is also made available which can be used to optimize performance of the Windows.

Maintenance Wizard

Whereas there is not anything to halt you from functioning through every single element of Puran Utilities, the time and exertion involved is probably putting off too many people. The Maintenance Wizard is the solution that they came up with to tackle this problem. Maintenance Wizard escorts you through using utmost obliging tools.


Opening with scrutiny for disk glitches and moving onto cleaning up startup programs and services, this wizard is not a preset process, nevertheless it is cooperative for any person who is not sure about which utilities to use and in which order.


This is an ultimate collection of utilities which deserves to be in your software collection.

Also there are a few complementary features to explore – the Minimal PC and Gaming PC options which can be used to abate the number of running programs and drivers to make sure that the game runs smoothly and also convenient features such as a shutdown timer and a file splitter.

Taking care of your computer is extremely vital if you want to dodge performance issues and if you don’t want to spend money thenPuran Utilities are your best shot.

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