Review: Photo Calendar Software

New Creative Software for Making Personalized Photo Calendars

The spread of digital photography has given us an opportunity to create various beautiful things, for example, home-made photo calendars. The market offers a number of applications for designing photo calendars. In this review we will have a look at Photo Calendar Creator, available at The developer, AMS Software, is well-known for a range of user-friendly applications for creative artwork.

In our review we’ll focus on the points often asked for in calendar software.

Ease of Use

The program has a wizard-driven interface to get you started very quickly: you pick the calendar type, the template, and the basic settings including the starting year and month, calendar dimensions and resolution. You can also choose to add your own photos at this stage. The resulting calendar is ready to print, so the creation process only takes a minute or two. However, it is also possible to customize any template and create an absolutely new design. The layout items (photos, text blocks, clipart) can be moved and resized with drag & drop.

Photo Editing

Editing options for photos include easy cropping, common image enhancement (brightness, contrast, saturation) and a wide range of creative tools. Add a mask, outline or frame, drop shadow, make images transparent… – there’s all you could wish for to design a unique composition. Photo Calendar Creator lets you add multiple photos to the canvas, and arrange the layers easily by moving the image to front or to back. Photos can also be set as calendar background. The Pro version includes a collage-making module: add a folder with photos, and it will be arranged in a grid collage with a chosen number of rows and columns.

Month Editor

Photo Calendar Creator provides a collection of month templates in different styles: classic, decorative, table, etc. The month editor allows making slight or significant changes to any month template. The user can adjust the size and font of the month header and weekday names, as well as their alignment and the background color. Customized month templates can be saved for later use.

Calendar Languages

Photo Calendar Creator has support for English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Norwegian, Czech. Besides, the integrated language editor enables anyone to add month and day names in their own language and save these for automatic calendar creation. The software can make bilingual calendars as well.

Weekends and Holidays

The program lets the user choose whether to mark Saturday and Sunday, and set the color. The holiday editor includes sets of national holidays for a number of countries. The user can add a new holiday set which will then be marked in the calendar. There is another nice feature to mark special dates – add data to certain cells of the month grid, i.e. type in some text or insert an image.

Output Options

Completed projects can be printed directly on any common printer. Supported paper sizes are A2 – A5, letter, legal, and tabloid. The user can set margins and bleed marks. Another option is saving the layout to have it printed on professional equipment. Layouts are saved as image files (JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF) to allow transferring them to any other computer. The Pro version also support saving PDF and CMYK layouts for the highest quality printing.

To conclude, we can say that Photo Calendar Creator provides all the necessary tools for creative calendar design. The functionality offered by this software will suit both a non tech-savvy home user and a professional photo studio.