Review: Maintaining a PC with PCKeeper

Years ago, my parents bought me my first computer and it really did help me get through schooling and other tasks. The sentimental value of giving them one back seemed special. It was not long till I found a computer for them but I knew that maintaining it over the long run may pose an issue. Computers, I found out the hard way become slow over time due to various reasons. To save my parents the trouble of working with a slow computer I decided to purchase PCKeeper to keep their new PC in check.

In this article I will give some detail on why I think PCKeeper is a great program for anyone who is a novice to intermediate computer user to have (though any one can use it)!


antivirusPrimarily people who are new with computers like my parents seem to always find a way to get a virus. Usually new computer users will click around the internet and find there ways to sites that are malicious in nature. With PCKeeper my parents had antivirus software built into the program that would detect and find viruses in real time. The software is like any other major antivirus software in that it would find update its virus database regularly so the user would always have defense against the latest viruses out to cause problems. Though PCKeeper is not like just any other antivirus software it offers much more useful features to the user.


antitheftSince home invasions and burglary can be rampant in some areas I wanted a program that protected against theft. PCKeeper has antitheft measures built right in. If someone was to steal my parent’s computer, and plug it in at another location we would be able to trace it back once it was hooked up to the internet (which a majority of computers are hooked up to). With the computer I purchased being so expensive I can rest in ease that my parents will never have to think about losing it.

Geek on Demand

geek on demandOne main feature that I like about PCKeeper is what they call Geek on Demand. Geek on Demand is a way for my parents to get help about computer issues in real time by real people. To summarize it, if you have a computer issue all you need to do is fill out a form on PCKeeper describing the problem and give some contact info and someone will call you with actual support! This really does put them over the top. There is also a 24/7 online chat option, which I really like and have used. In my case, the technician needed my permission to access my PC to investigate the problem further. This was quickly done, and the problem was solved in seconds. This was worth the price of the program alone! I am not a computer expert by any means so letting someone who actually does know be on hand to help is really good to know.

In this article I outlined the antivirus, theft protection, and Geek on Demand features of PCKeeper but it has even more to offer. From cleaning, optimizing, and security tools PCKeeper has you covered.

Verdict: If you are looking for a way to keep your computer running new all the time then I strongly suggest trying PCKeeper! You can get a free download here.