Review: PC Magnum Privacy Software

According to the official website, PC Magnum boasts “the ultimate in PC privacy”. This program is designed to protect Internet and PC users from:

  • All websites that store a cookie on your PC without permission.
  • A visual archive of website images stored on your PC.
  • Sensitive files that have not been discarded from your recycle bin.
  • Recently opened documents on your computer that leave a digital paper trail.

Since Windows stores almost every activity completed on your computer, as well as every website visited and document opened, PC Magnum aims to protect user privacy through automated cleaning.

PC Magnum Scanning… (Click to enlarge)

PC Magnum Pros

PC Magnum will remove private and embarrassing information from your PC so that a third party can’t find out about your computer habits and Internet use without your knowledge. This automated cleaning feature may be ideal for those who are unfamiliar with the Internet or who don’t want to take the time to manually clean their PC and Internet browser themselves.

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PC Magnum will scan for, clean, and remove cookies from Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome. This includes browsing history, image cache, download history, and typed URLs from these same browsers. And for all of the Facebook junkies out there, PC Magnum will also remove the digital trail of your Facebook history since any visits to Facebook will be logged into your PC.

As far as setup and use, PC Magnum is easy to download and install, although it was slow to load upon installation.

PC Magnum scanning results

PC Magnum Cons

As you delve further into the program description, it seems like PC Magnum is designed for people who may be using the Internet or their PC for “scandalous activities”. You get the idea… PC Magnum advertises that it will delete racy images that have been downloaded from the Internet, as well as any incriminating links from your browsing history.

With that being said, there is probably no reason to use this program if you aren’t embarrassed of what you look at on the Internet and don’t have a reason to hide it from other people in your household. On top of that, PC Magnum seems to do the same cleaning that you can easily do manually by deleting cookies in your browser and emptying the recycle bin on your computer yourself.

So what is the conclusion for PC and Internet users everywhere when it comes to PC Magnum? If you do have a reason to hide any information you have accessed online or on your PC, this program will be helpful to you. This program may also benefit any PC and Internet users that are clueless about clearing their browser history. However, many of the tasks that this program offers can be done manually, if desired.