Review of TuneUp Media’s TuneUp Companion for iTunes

by John Ackerley

The first time I saw TuneUp Companion I was a little dubious about what it claimed it could do with my vast music collection.

The company that produced TuneUp recognised that there was a problem with the general public’s home iTunes music collection. With missing information and the lack of album art on offer that even iTunes own database could not handle.

I myself found iTunes “Get Album Artwork” option was useless at the best of times but TuneUp claimed to be able to clean up at least 90% of my music.

After downloading their software I started up iTunes and TuneUp started at the same time adding a small box next to the window. The first thing that greats you is a picture of a cool retro rocket-man logo while it connects to the TuneUp’s server.

The free version gives you the chance to clean up to 100 songs and download 50 album covers to get you started after that you have a choice of two payment options.

$19.95 – £12.58 for one year

$29.95 – £18.86 for a lifetime subscription

Currency conversion correct on 25/05/2009 0.62970 British pound per US dollar

These will give you unlimited clean up’s and album art downloads.

With my 5969 songs I spent a good part of the day cleaning my library and at the end I had only 764 tracks left with messed up info. This to me was excellent as I have a lot of white label tracks in my collection.

That’s not all this software does though with a few extra features. As you play a song you can click on the “Tuniverse” tab and see videos from YouTube a Bio of that group and concert Notifications, locations, ticket prices and places to buy them.

I believe that TuneUp is a must have for all iTunes user’s as it makes a handy add-on and makes iTunes look how you always wanted it to.