Does Nokia Lumia 2520 Revolutionize the Surface Tablet?

After being at the helm of the mobile phone industry for so long, Nokia is now under the wings of the software giant, Microsoft. These two powerhouses know that presently the market is dominated by smartphones, and that their smartphones haven’t really contributed much to this dominance. They realize the need for innovation and change.

With Microsoft taking over Nokia, you’re probably already seeing new technologies being developed. This can help Nokia resurface and reach  the kind of heights that it achieved in the past. Since the two giants have joined hands, it seems like they’re working on primarily fulfilling this aim. Recently, the Surface tablet was jointly launched and it created some buzz around in the technology industry. The concept used in the Surface tablet is now being used in the Nokia Lumia 2520, as can be seen from the Nokia Lumia 2520 review.

The Surface Tablet

It was back in 2012 that Microsoft launched its own version of tablets and gadgets with its Windows platform. But the response they received fell short of the market expectations. They still went ahead and released two different series after the release of the initial surface tablet.

nokia surface


They used the original Windows platform on these series and some new and developed hardware specifications. The Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 were released following the initial launch, the latest being released just week before. This has features like Xbox Music, Sky Drive, Xbox games, Xbox videos and a lot more. The model is a ten inch touchscreen with dual core 1.7 GHz Intel Core i5 processor. The model has a storage capacity of 64GB and comes with a microSd card slot. You can even upgrade it to up to 256GB.

Full high definition camera was available along with the latest features. The tablet received a positive response for its hardware specs and outward appearance. But it got mixed reviews for its software capabilities. Moreover, the battery on the tablet was found to be terrible and the battery life was worse in comparison with its competing devices.

The product marked a huge loss and, despite a cut in price by a huge thirty percent, couldn’t draw customers to it.

Things might, however, change soon. Nokia has finally introduced to the market the much expected and awaited tablet, especially for their followers. The new model has some attractive features, which are expected to provide competition to the rival devices.

Here is the all new Nokia Lumia 2520 review!

Nokia Lumia 2520 Specifications

The all new tablet from Nokia measures 267 millimeters in length and 168 millimeters in breadth. The thickness of the model is around 8.9 millimeter. The camera has a specialty of 6.7 megapixels and the display size is 10.1 inches. The processor used on the device is called the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor.

nokia surface2

The internal memory of the model is marked with 32GB and is expandable. The maximum standby time available for the device is around twenty-five days. The data speed of this model is known to be 150 megabytes per second. The model has crystal clear viewing facilities and has a full HD display resolution.

These features are much better than those found in Nokia Lumia 2520’s counterparts. The model has a capacitive touchscreen, which is the most effective. There are different sensors fitted into the device, namely the light sensors, accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor and magnetometer.


The device carries the usual 2.5 mm charger port. There is a special slot for USB connection, which even allows fast USB 3.0 transfer. The gadget features the latest Bluetooth device and special Wi-Fi Wlan. These accessories help data transfer occur at fast rates.

The battery capacity is 8000mAh and the model has a twenty-five days standby time. The processor is fitted with quad-core at 2.2 GHz. The internal memory capacity is 32GB and can be expanded. The tablet has a 2GB RAM.


The model features the latest and upgraded software along with basic applications like calculator, clock, calendar, one note and recorder. You’ll find several business applications like Skydrive which is used for storing important files and folders, and the Microsoft office. The tablet supports different document formats, including Excel, PDF, Word, and PowerPoint.

Other Features

The Nokia Lumia 2520 also has all the communication apps. You can send email, use messaging apps, and enjoy many more free applications. The tablet has a special call making facility along with Skype video call. The device is encrypted and is therefore safe to use.

This tablet is perfect for internet usage. It carries the Internet Explorer 11 browser. You can even enjoy fun applications like photo sharing, video sharing, and Wi-Fi hotspot. Almost all kinds of music files – both audio and video – can be played on this device.

Probably the best part about the gadget is that it’s completely environmentally friendly and has no harmful effects. It’s completely recyclable and energy efficient as well. If you read a Nokia Lumia 2520 review, you’ll see that the tablet is getting plenty of good responses and is, therefore, a great launch from the brand. The price is also affordable, and so the tablet looks like it’s all set to compete strongly in the market.

Going by all that we’ve seen about both the Surface tablet and the Lumia 2520, it can only be said that the Surface tablet is not quite a match for the Nokia Lumia 2520.