LG G Pad 8.3 Full Specifications and Review

1 With the success of an LG G2 Smartphone, LG strikes again, this time with the new latest LG G Pad, launched in IFA 2013. The new tablet with a screen of 8.3inches has sought the attention of all the youth giving hard-hitting competition to iPad mini with its unique and distinct features. The near-perfect table stands out even in an Android market offering users a lot than ever.

Hardware of LG G Pad 8.3

The tablet’s body is an amalgam of black or silver plastic metal which is both lightweight and durable. The solid construction of the plastic frame is impeccably meshed with glass front and metal strip occupy the middle of its back. The 8.3inch stunning tablet is 17mm tall and weighs 30grams; with the display of 1920×1200 pixels same as that of G2. Talking of hardware keys – the 3.5mm headphone jack, IR blaster and MicroSD slot (up to 64GB) are on top with volume on right and Micro USB at bottom. The tablet is heightened with dual stereo speakers on the back which gives immense pleasure while listening to music and videos. LG G Pad comes with 1.2MP front camera along with 5MP back camera- no flash included.


Software configuration

LG G Pad comes with Android 4.2.2 with Snapdragon 600 processor making it fast and powerful. LG’s device-bridge software Q Pair is also presented as an initial setup arrangement. The 8.3 Tablet is fully loaded with features such as Knock On, Q-Remote, Q-Slide, Slide Aside, Q-Memo, and Notebook. Compared to Samsung, LG provides some truly useful goodies software on its device.

Q-Slide allows users to run three apps simultaneously on home screen. The Slide Aside function makes use of three-fingered swipes to store up to three running apps for quick access. Knock On allows you to wake/sleep or G Pad by tapping twice on the screen. Q-Memo is a screenshot tool while Notebook is in note making. Q-Pair lets you to link your Smartphone with G Pad. One of its actual advantages is its capability to text and receive calls without using the phone.

High Quality Camera

LG G Pad’s camera is quite decent. The 5MP front and 1.3MP back camera give good-looking images. With the superb inbuilt camera software you toggle around various shooting modes, manual settings and effects. The G Pad shoots images with an aspect ratio of 4:3 with 2560×1920 resolutions for 5MP and 1280×960 for 1.3MP.

However, G Pad does not produce rich quality still images as most of them are faded and blurry due to lack of OIS. Apart from this LGdoesn’t allow tap-to-capture, which is another ruthless feature that G Pad gives.

With 30 frames per second, video recording at 1080p is quite better than taking shots. It reduces the background sound and captures front-end sound quite well.

Performance and Battery Life

In various Benchmark Test between G Pad, Note and Nexus 7 , the G Pad outnumbered its competition due to its Snapdragon 600 and 2GB RAM in all areas except SunSpider Performance.

LG G Pad comes with a 4600mAh battery which provides a long lasting battery life. You can dobrowsing, gaming, messaging with no worry of battery. But if you watch continuous movies with full brightness level the battery won’t last for more than 6hours.

Final Verdict

The LG G Pad with solid hardware and functional software is really a good tablet. It serves as a great companion for your Smartphone. But to spend $349 on it is something not worth as you can get much more for less. Overall, It is a nice effort from a company that has tried to make its mark in the US, it’s really a big change of pace for LG.

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