Review: The Lenovo C440 All-in-One Desktop PC

I have always envied Apple users because of their ability to get the all in one iMac computers. They are very minimalist, reduced wiring, and just an overall beautiful design. This all said I could never see myself switching over from Windows as my job demanded I used applications that were specifically designed for Windows computers. Luckily Lenovo has once again been an innovator in windows computers and has released the C series of all in one computer. I was able to pick up the Lenovo C440 from and in the rest of this article I would like to give a review about this wonderful computer!

Lenovo C440

My Lenovo C440

Esthetically the Lenovo C440 matches up well to the iMac and other all in one PCs. In the package you receive a 21.5 inch screen (a backlit LED with Full HD) all in one computer. The beautiful thing that Lenovo has done is that it provides the computer in a white or black color so the customer has a choice.  Mine has a ‘piano black’ finish around the frame, and it comes with a matching black keyboard and wired optical mouse. Note that this is not a touch screen.

However, just because the computer is minimalist in look doesn’t mean it is not powerful on the inside. The Lenovo C440 is packed with a second generation Intel i3 processor which is powerful enough to run multiple programs at the same time. While it may not be powerful enough to run the latest video games at the highest settings it does come with a NVIDIA GeForce GT615 1GB which is more than enough to run most new games at lower settings. Regardless, most applications that regular home and business users use will work fine.

Boot time is very quick with 4GB of ram (upgrade-able to 8GB). Internal storage-wise the computer has over 1 TB of space which is far more than most home and small business users would need. It also has a DVD read/write drive vertically mounted at the top-right side of the monitor. As for USB ports, there are 6 in total, two of which are needed for the keyboard and mouse. There are outputs for a microphone and speakers, HDMI and an SD card reader slot. There’s not much lacking in this department!

As far as build quality, Lenovo promotes that their C series computers are built to last and because of this offers a 3 year Lenovo warranty for less than 100 dollars. This is not even the regular 3 year warranty and includes accidental damage. Lenovo has a track record already of building reliable PCs and the Lenovo C440 is no different. Really, the only aspect of this PC I have qualms about is the smallish keyboard and mouse. I am comfortable  typing on my Lenovo T510 laptop, but this keyboard seemed a little too cramped, and I was always hitting the Caps Lock key instead of the Shift key, which was annoying. So I reverted back to my trusty old Microsoft Office keyboard. The Lenovo mouse is a little slim for my large hand, but I can live with it for now. I will probably upgrade it at some point.

The Verdict

I really like the idea of the all-in-one PC. It takes up very little space, it looks good (no more cable spaghetti!) and it performs well, especially with Windows 8. The screen is exceptional, and I even enjoy watching movies on it from time to time. I do plan to upgrade to 8GB of RAM soon, but most users will be happy with the installed 4GB that the C440 comes with. I think this PC is a very good value for the money and would be ideal for a shared home PC, or a PC for a small home business. I have really enjoyed using it for some weeks now and my laptop is feeling neglected, I’m afraid.

In closing  Lenovo has really stepped up their game with the all in one Lenovo C440. Aesthetically it is beautiful and slim. In terms of internal power, the computer is powerful enough for any regular home or small business owner, though don’t expect to run the latest games at the highest settings. Finally, expect this computer to last. Lenovo offers a great track record already but the C series of Lenovo PCs come with very cheap warranties for the long term that will leave any user feeling safe. If you are looking for a beautiful and powerful all in one computer then consider the Lenovo C440!