The Best Free WordPress Theme?

Yes, I think I have found one of the best (if not the best) free WordPress theme out there. It is called GeneratePress and the developer states:

“GeneratePress is a lightweight HTML5 and CSS3 framework that allows anyone to create a completely unique website right before their eyes. Adjusting the layout and colors of your website couldn’t be easier, simply use our options in the Customize section of the Dashboard and watch the changes happen. GeneratePress is mobile responsive, W3C Markup Validated, microdata integrated, search engine friendly, cross browser compatible and 100% translatable. GeneratePress has 8 widget areas, 5 navigation positions, 5 sidebar layouts and much more.”

The above is not hyperbole; it really is easy to create a unique website with this theme. Let me tell you how I discovered GeneratePress (from now on, I will refer to it as GP).

The search for a decent free WordPress theme

While I was happy with the Genesis framework and a Studiopress child theme, there were many times I had to turn to support or to a friend who knew code well to make the style changes I wanted to make. While I am comfortable with editing style.css, etc I would prefer not to mess with it too much. For instance, I wanted to have my site logo and a 728px ad share my header space. I just could not make it work; and Studiopress support was not helpful in this instance. So I went looking for a new child theme for Genesis. I managed to find a few and uploaded them to do a live preview of them. It was at this point that I discovered something I had not noticed before about the WordPress dashboard.

WordPress Dashboard to the rescue!

Under Appearance>Themes in the Dashboard and click the Add New button. There, you will see this:




Under those three headings you will find a ton of themes. That’s when I spotted the GeneratePress theme under Popular (notice the header area):

GP thumbnail

The YouTube video will show you all the features of this amazing theme:

This was what I was looking for! I downloaded it immediately and uploaded it to do a live preview. I fully expected that this was a ‘paid’ theme, and I was waiting to be told I could only preview it unless I paid for it. I visited the GP website and discovered it was free. But it gets better…

Get the Addons

On the website, I found that there were ten different addons for GP. Addons for choosing different fonts, advanced customization of the header area, backgounds, layouts and more. Each one cost only $5 each, but for $20 you could get all ten. Unbelievable! Now, to be honest, if you know how to code you would not really need all the addons, but for that low bundled price, it is hard to pass up on it. Myself, I would prefer not to mess with code, so again, this theme was ideal for me.

Great Support, too

What really made the whole GP experience special was the excellent support I received when I had questions about the theme. Even a problem I was having with a third-party newsletter widget was solved by Tom (Tom Usborne of Edge 22) within a few minutes. Now that is support!

Final thoughts

If you are new to WordPress and are looking for a nice theme with little or no messing with code, then GeneratePress with the Addon bundle is for you. Check it out and see what you think!