Review: FruitfulTime Bookmark Manager Software

How many bookmarks (or Favorites) have you acquired over the years? Would you like to have them all neatly organized, categorized and safely backed-up? What if you use multiple browsers, such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome or Opera? Do you have different bookmarks stored in all of them? What would be nice to have is a browser-independent program that you could save all bookmarks to, yet have them handy in a fully search-able place.

This is where FruitfulTime’s Bookmark Manager comes in. Bookmark Manager works independent of any browser by employing a global ‘Hotkey’, such as CTRL+Shift+B. This opens the Add New Bookmark window where you can edit the name and assign a category for the bookmark. Now, no matter what browser you are using, the bookmark is available through Bookmark Manager.

To download a free copy of Bookmark Manager just click here.

The first task for me, however, was getting all my bookmarks together so that I could get them organized. To begin, you should use your browser to export your current bookmarks/favorites to an HTML file. In Internet Explorer, hit the ALT key to get the menu bar to display. Then click File>Import and Export…and click Export to a file. Check ‘favorites’ then click next and next again to choose the location of the file to be created. Choose a location you will remember! In FireFox, you need to go to ‘Organize Bookmarks’ under the Bookmark label in the file menu, choose Import and Backup and then Export HTML.

Now, you can use Bookmark Manager to import these HTML files so that you can begin organizing your bookmarks.  depending on the amount of bookmarks you have, importing may take some time. I have over 1300 bookmarks and I would say it took about 3 to 5 minutes to get them imported:

Once the importing is completed, you can start organizing. You will note that the folders you had set up in your browser are now categories in Bookmark Manager. This makes it easy to assign/unassign a category to a particular bookmark or a bunch of bookmarks at once.

It would be nice if Bookmark Manager had a drag and drop feature (within the categories) to make the initial organizing go a bit faster, but this is a minor annoyance at best. I like the fact that you can assign multiple categories to a single bookmark. For instance, you likely have some bookmarks you visit often. You could store them in a category such as ‘Faves’, but also have the bookmark categorized under ‘technology’, ‘news’ or some other heading of your invention. Now you are beginning to see the real strength of Bookmark Manager!

You can also install Bookmark Manager on a USB stick to carry with you to work, or another location so you have your bookmarks with you. Alternatively, a USB stick is a good place to backup your bookmarks to and Bookmark Manager will assist you to do this easily with the options under the File menu:

Here are some of Bookmark Manager’s other features:

  • Bookmark your documents and folders simply by dragging and dropping them into Bookmark Manager.
  • Instant search as you type to find the best matching bookmarks.
  • Access the most frequently and recently used bookmarks from the notification area.
  • Share bookmarks with friends and colleagues by sending email through Bookmark Manager.
  • Works on Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 and 64-bit)
  • Conclusion:

    FruitufTime’s Bookmark Manageris a must for those that have collected may bookmarks over the years and want a good, safe way to organize them and most importantly, back them up. There are a few features that I would have liked to see such as a broken link checker and a favicon fetcher, but perhaps a future version may incorporate these extras.

    To download a free copy of Bookmark Manager just click here.