Review: Free Online Screen Recorder

Have you ever thought of recording what is happening on your computer screen or creating videos online without downloading and installing any applications? Then online screen recording software will come in handy.

Now I will introduce three modules to help capture a video on your screen.

Module 1 : Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is a powerful online screen recording tool that performs various recording modes. You can capture a region of the screen or full screen, record around your mouse cursor and take any screenshot on the fly as well. If you want to create picture-in-picture videos, this web-based screen recorder can record through a camera to meet your requirements.


Furthermore you are allowed to record internal system sound as well as from an external source like a microphone.

Module2 : Screencastle

It’s also a free online recording software. But it has time limitation that blocks your way of recording any more than a 15 minute video. What’s worse, you can’t record your voice from the external side.

Module 3 : Screencast-O-Matic

This one is similar to Screencastle, which also has the time limitation and cannot capture videos with external sound. You’ll also find undesirable watermarks on your recording results. So you need to pay money in order to remove the watermark.

Compare the three methods to capture videos:

By comparing the three ways to record videos online from different aspects, you will easily discover that Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder holds the upper hand.

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is designed to provide powerful recording functions for FREE, which comes with a bundle of amazing features:

  • Absolutely free and no time limitation.
  • Record from your computer with Windows or Mac OS.
  • Capture internal system sound and external voice.
  • Various recording modes like full or part of screen, around mouse and via camera.
  • Capture any picture on the fly.
  • Powerful editing functions.
  • Online converter provides different formats.


Go to the web page and you do not have to register or download anything to run this application.

1.Just click the Start Recording button.

2.After setting up Java environment automatically, you can record with the intuitive panel.


Additionally, you can preset the desired hot keys to make your operation convenient before recording a video.

If you want to highlight some parts of your recording or mark the important steps of your video, you can make it during your recording.

The default format is WMV, which can be directly uploaded to video hosting sites. In case you want to convert the video to other formats, click the Online Convert button, then the online converter will give you a hand.