Review – EMCO Remote Installer

boxshotManaging applications on PCs connected over network isn’t easy enough if you have to handle it manually. It requires lot of time and effort to keep all the applications updated, performing well and free from crashes etc. There are remote installation tools which can automate the whole process by installing applications automatically on client PC (targeted computers) without any interaction. Behind this scenario, lot of stuff has been involved and few steps required completing the task. Let us have a look on how all this happen.

Installing applications over networked PC is easier and hassle free

The first and clear thing is, I came to know about EMCO Remote Installer recently through forum visit and can’t resist writing about it. The tool allows support professionals and network administrators to silently deploy almost any number of and any type of applications on any number of PCs connected through LAN or any other type of network. The tool feature not only limited to remote application installation, instead it also handles several other important type of tasks such as installing latest available updates, getting data from the installed software, get detailed software inventory reports and even track any changes that has been done recently on any software.

How this all possible?


The basic idea behind how this network application performs is pretty simple and straightforward. This remote software distribution software is use to deploy EXE setups file, MSI packages or MSP packages on remote computer silently. Whereas, MSI packages are normal windows installer file formats that keep records of any setup files and allows operating system to install that particular application without requiring anything (even license key). Once you start the application, it’ll ask you to choose desired operation among the set of tasks available. You’ll have the capability to either perform installation immediately after creating MSI packages or MSP patches, alternatively you can schedule it at any later instant of time. You can find more information about the product over here:

What else can the software can do?

EMCO Remote Installer Home

What if you want to uninstall application from the targeted computer? Wondering how? Just relax, as EMCO Remote Installer will also take care of it by silently removing any desired application from the selected PCs from any workgroup. As discussed earlier, you can run a detailed audit report after which, detailed information about installed application, version and all the other crucial data from all the networked computer and store it in centralized database. That will help you in keep tracking of any changes happened on any computer through already created inventory reports.

What do we recommend?

The challenges of deploying application on networked computer were heavier in past. After the introductions of such tools, network professionals can just sit relax and automate the whole process.

EMCO Remote Installer is basically available in two versions: Free and Professionals. Free version restricts remote application installations on up to 5 PCs at once. Whereas, professionals version is equipped with advanced set of tools and reporting features that you ought to have for handling such tasks in large enterprises. Detailed software audit and inventory can be possible in only this version.

Based on the performance and security, this application should be kept in every size of business. Free version gives you detailed proof of why.