Review: Apple iPad 2 PC769LL/A Tablet (16GB, Wi-Fi, Black) 2nd Generation


Apple iPad 2 PC769LL/A Tablet is the second go-round model of iPad which is thinner and faster than its predecessor. It looks so thin and in fact, it feels like a different version of Apple’s long standing tablet series. Measuring only 0.34 of an inch, it is thinner than the first iPad and even thinner than the iPhone4. This second generation model stays the same: in size, capacity, features and price all take over. But, color is an exception. Apple recently offers both black and white options of the iPad 2 in every configuration and price. The base model stores digital media up to 16GB and delivers Wi-Fi access to the Internet for $499. However, if you prefer a larger storage for all your apps, photos, videos and music, you can choose the 64GB ($699) and 32GB ($599) versions. This tablet uses an Apple A5 processor and dual-core technology. It comes with a display resolution of 1024 x 768 (132 ppi) and has a flash memory of 16GB.


Design and Construction

Although this tablet has a thinner design, it’s still solidly constructed like the original. It is still made from a heavy-duty, single block of aluminum engineered to fit the in-house components of iPad like a glove. The iPad’s appearance is covered in the same glass which is resistant to nicks and scratches. Its home button is laid at the screen bottom and the new VGA camera is found at the top.

On the other hand, the iPad 2 model sticks to the known routines of its origin. The wake/sleep button including the headphone jack is still on top as on the original one. The mute/rotation lock switch and volume rocker remains unchanged on the right border. At the bottom of the device, the universal port connection and internal speaker are situated. And in this model, the perforated grill for the speaker covers around the back, rendering more surface area and distinctly superior sound quality.

Operating System

At launch, the best tablet from Apple brought in a variety of new essential features and enhancements with its iOS 4.3. This is a remarkable upgrade since the very first iPad used iOS 3.2 which only have limited functions and performs less multitasking. IPad 2 now has new interesting features such as FaceTime video chat and the portrait-taking application called Photo Booth. It also includes Home Sharing app for streaming media from local computers over home network. The Safari web browser obtains a speed increase to enhance Java Script reading. And for those geeks who want a versatile control over the switch function above the tablet’s volume rocker, iOS 4.3 offers the joystick allowing you to select it either mute or rotation lock for system alert sounds, e.g. incoming calls on FaceTime.


The iPad 2 is an undoubtedly swifter and a lot more responsive device than its forerunner. With an all new dual-core A5 processor under the cover, Apple is boasting to get doubled functionality speed overall making it one of the best tablets  with enhanced visuals by nine times. In addition, Apple has gone and modified the code driving the Safari Web browser, enhancing the load time of Java Script. Considering Apple’s spec boldness with a touch of suspicion, the iPad 2 remains a marked improvement. The very first iPad had been fairly difficult to beat when it comes to standard system responsiveness, including keyboard latency, scrolling, and zooming. With the Apple iPad 2, the machine is a little stronger and response is more instant, but the real-world advantages can be found in the type of app loading time and when transitioning between applications using the multi-tasking bar.




The main highlight for the iPad 2 is the inclusion of two cameras, equally capable of recording video or taking shots. The shooter on the back is found in the upper-right nook where it’s not likely to be enclosed by your hand (in portrait angle, at least). It looks like the chrome-ringed lens on the iPhone 4; it’s actually made from Carl Zeiss lens and is likewise endowed with 720p video record. There is no camera flash and the camera’s 10 megapixel sensor is far apart from the one utilized in the iPhone 4. Similar to the fourth-generation iPod Touch, the iPad 2 can take photos that are basically video stills.

Memory, Multimedia and Communications

Apple iPad 2 PC769LL/A Tablet has a memory capacity of 16GB and a maximum external resolution of 1920 x 1080. It supports digital video formats such including H.264 Main Profile Level 3.1 (up to 720p), MPEG-4 SP (up to 640×480) and Motion JPEG (up to 1280×720). It works on wireless connectivity using Bluetooth 2.1 EDR, 802.11 a/b/g/n .


The iPad 2 uses a lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 25 WH and has a run time of up to 10 hours—web browsing, video and audio playback.

Color and Dimension

The tablet is available in white and black color with a dimension of 7.7 x 9.9 x 1.8 inches and weight of 1.3 pounds or 21.2 ounce.

Additional Features

As far as content goes, iPad provides a vast coverage of eBooks and other electronic publications. Apple claims to have reached over 100 million of iBook downloads and that reasonably seized the attention of the publishing industry. In fact even iPad’s competitors like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo have dived on board with iPad applications which certainly make it the best tablet in terms of media and apps.


To Apple’s acknowledgement, the iPad has much more games than any other tablet on the market, and plenty of the game titles boast image and play quality comparable to full-blown gaming systems. With the new CPU, even graphically intense games like Infinity Blade work with an unusual fluidity, clear of stuttering. But regardless of how quick the iPad 2 can give its pixels, it is still restricted to its image resolution of 1,024×768-pixel.


Included Accessories


If you’re one of those geeks and techie folks looking for a decent and versatile tablet, iPad 2 is one good choice to opt for. Aside from the track record of its innovator, the iPad remains unmatched in the electronics industry with its upgrades and tweaks making its creations truly stunning. Buy this awesome device and see inside the box a thinner and faster iPad along with its power adapter, USB adapter, Wi-Fi access, Bluetooth, front and rear camera and a limited warranty of 1 year. Plus 90 days of technical support.


Product PROs

Majority of tablet reviews online revealed to us that iPad 2 is worth an upgrade from its predecessor. Consumers found out that the device primarily stands out in terms of quality, versatility and performance. But aside from these positives, there are vital aspects that are worth mentioning. Here’s a quick list of the product pros:

  • It is noticeably thinner and boasts two cameras, front and rear.
  • It has a faster processor and more responsive than the previous model.
  • Battery life is better with up to 10 hours of gaming and viewing.
  • Great access for downloading and reading e-books.
  • Face Time video chat is a fantastic inclusion.
  • 3G options for both Verizon and AT&T

Product CONs

Despite the leading advantages and plus points of iPad 2, there are other tablet reviews that gave some critical observations and remarks about the device. Let’s find out what minor flaws did consumers found with this thing:

  • The screen resolution of iPad hasn’t begun to move.
  • The quality of images taken from this tablet is mediocre.
  • It lacks the nature of multi-tasking supports including:
  • No support for Adobe Flash.
  • USB, HDMI and SD ports all require adapters.

Consumer Ratings

It can be noticed that consumers are divided in their views about the upgrades done by Apple for the second generation of iPad. However, they still agree with a common verdict that really iPad has all the potentials to become one of the best tablets today if not the best among others.

A certain user wrote in his in-depth review that Apple has made one step closer to perfection. The iPad 2 is prettily crafted for comfortable hold given its thin and smooth design. He added that the increased RAM of the device from 256MB to 512MB is great for graphically intense games because it delivers faster images with fewer bouncy movements. One great reason to buy iPad 2 is Face Time chat for face to face conferencing.  He also praised the minimal weight of the device, its battery span, and reading e-books.

An army officer expressed in his review that iPad 2 is an indispensable device for professionals. According to him, the device gave him the convenience of taking with him 30 manuals for mission without having the burden of bringing the bulk of books.

A student revealed in his review that the iPad has a strong, stylish and sleek design. He also loved much the iOS 5.1 rendering smooth internet browsing. The device feels perfect and light in weight. The battery life is also a hit and even told it was by far the best battery life of any LCD tablet. Lastly, he appreciated the super quick A5 processor of iPad which is probably faster than a laptop, he stressed out.

Out of 761 existing reviews on Amazon, Apple iPad 2 gained 490 favorable reviews and garnered an average rating of 4 stars- a deserved score for such a spectacular device.


The Apple iPad 2 PC769LL/A Tablet refines a previously exceptional product. Its user-friendly interface, great application list, and marathon battery life fortifies Apple’s claim to becoming the master of tablets. And with its inexpensive price, and active bunch of thousands and thousands of happy consumers, there’s no doubt that iPad can keep its strong position at the top.


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