Product Review – 24×7 Optimizer

I graduated from The University of Chicago in the mid 1980’s during the time computer IT was booming and because of my advanced skill-set in understanding the programs I was hired by some big firms to monitor their networks. Fast forward to today and I still am working with some big businesses and even some smaller ones. Usually with the bigger businesses I work with we have the income to constantly replace equipment when things are running slow (makes my job easier) but, the smaller ones I have started to work with do not have the liberty to spend top dollars to constantly update hardware. Recently one business I work with was hit with a cyber-attack (almost certainly from a competitor) and we were forced to act quickly. In the rest of this article I will be going through the main program (24x7Optimizer) we used to swiftly fix correct the slow PC issue we had.

Once we secured the network from any further attacks we needed to speed up our PC(s) as we noticed that the computers were running slower. I suspected from malware left behind. We have used brand name software before but because we were not in the luxury of paying for malware remover and system optimization programs (which we will talk about later) to fix our slow PC(s) we started looking for something all in one. This is when I read up about 24×7 Optimizer and it had everything we needed. So once we had installed the program on the infected computers we were prompted with a straight forward; security, cleaning, and optimize layout. The security scan found a few different types of spyware left behind and some privacy issues that it fixed all from the program. From this we started to see an increase in response from the computers and they were now secure.

Next we did some registry cleaning through the 24×7 Optimizer registry cleaner to make sure our registry files were not corrupted. 24×7 Optimizer did this through a very straightforward setup. Once running all we had to do was wait a little while for the program to do its magic as a registry cleaner. It seems to have been coded very well as it found a lot of registry errors that these older computers had gained over time. Once finished the scan it did a swift correct and our registry files were as good as new!

As an extra bonus to speed up our PC(s) 24×7 Optimizer has a great optimizing function which lets you find new updates to system drivers. These are the programs that make your different internal/external components work. It had found some drivers for our WiFi cards and after the update we noticed that the office WiFi had a better signal. It was a real gem that it was able to find the drivers needed to correct these sorts of bugs. Our computers are running as good as new now, if not better.

Concluding, I’ve been at the job for years and I have seen big business and small business strategies on handling computer and network problems. Since the economy has been poor there is little room on how things can be handled now so we see a lot of companies go to software or manual clean up to keep their computers running smooth. The total package in this case would be 24×7 Optimizer as it: scans/removes malicious files, It is a registry cleaner, and optimizes your computer through ways such as driver updates. No matter if you are trying to speed up your PC to fix a family computer or computers at a business, try out 24x7Optimizer, it will surely blow you away!

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