Retailers: If You Are Managing A Property Portfolio This Software Will Make Your Life A Whole Lot Easier

One of the biggest challenges you as a retailer face, is ensuring ‘consistency of brand experience’ throughout your retail premises and point-of-sale units.

CAFM Software, levelling the playing field

You may be an entrepreneur who has just launched your third outlet, or you could be a ‘retail giant’ of the high street with 150 outlets or more; the key thing is, that you will want each of these separate entities to provide the optimum customer experience for your visitors. With the best will in the world, that’s a pretty tough call.

One of the most effective ways of doing this is by utilising the latest CAFM software to keep track of your assets and the overall performance of your business on a day-to-day basis. If you haven’t seen what this latest software is capable of then you are in for a big surprise.


Managing a property portfolio is easier with certain software.

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Planned and reactive maintenance challenges

Retailers with an actual bricks and mortar presence rather than a virtual one, face a series of unique challenges, not least the scheduling of planned maintenance and reactive maintenance to their property portfolio. If having contractors operating on your premises means that you are unable to trade for the duration of the works, what impact might this have on your projected sales figures?

What every retail business needs is to take control of all their property management and maintenance issues in ‘real time’, without endless phone calls and bits of paper floating about.

Benefits of CAFM software

Having the right software in place will save you and your staff so much time in future. There will be less duplication or repetition of tasks and you will be able to manage your employees, contractors and other outsourcing requirements electronically from one portal – even when you are on the move.

Knowing that you have this impressive facility in place should make your contractors more accountable too!

Facilities management is a challenging enough prospect as it is. Having the assistance of CAFM software at the heart of your operations will empower you with the potential to make your business more streamlined and productive than ever before. Now that’s a very reassuring prospect.

And when you are about to open your latest venture, this powerful and highly-customisable software will keep your mission firmly on track, from planning the aesthetics of your outlet, to having it fully kitted out with the latest equipment and accessories – to that precious moment when your local celebrity or VIP cuts the red ribbon. Just be sure to have cameras at the ready . . .


Why not try out this new software?

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As a retailer with several outlets, managing your property portfolio can be a real challenge. The latest CAFM software will take the headache out of managing your operations, staff and contractors, ensuring that your business performance and productivity is as excellent as you demand.

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