How to Replace an Empty Print Toner Cartridge

The development of technology over the last two decades has brought many new personal devices into the home that were only previously available outside it. One of these is the personal printer. Laser and inkjet printers are now available to consumers for less than $150 per machine, and most are even less expensive than that. However there is a catch for the declining price of printers and that is the cost of ink toner. Some cartridges can cost upwards of $100 and are not easy to replace. Here are some tips when replacing that troublesome ink toner cartridge.

  • Know the type, model, and brand of your printer model – One of the biggest mistakes people make is purchasing the wrong ink cartridge, and either spending extra time going back to the store for an exchange or erroneously opening the cartridge and voiding the product for return. That means you’ll have one print cartridge uselessly sitting around that will likely be never used.
  • Carefully copy the cartridge number and type of cartridge – Is the cartridge Cyan, Magenta? In fact, take a picture of this information so that when you’re at the ink toner store you won’t make a mistake and get the wrong one. As was stressed above, it is very important to purchase the correct toner cartridge.
  • Search online or in-store – Find the correct replacement cartridge online or in-store. Online works well because you don’t have to leave your home and can make a few clicks to have the cartridge sent to your home. You can also easily research prices and other bonuses for ordering online from a specific store (free shipping, quicker shipping, etc.).
  • Reputable ink toner dealers – The ink toner market is saturated with poor quality companies and service. Be sure to purchase from a reputable ink toner supplier, such as the official HP toner cartridge supplier on the HP website,, or companies such as
  • Seek advice – Just to make sure, ask a family member or friend to check the number and type of the empty cartridge to cover your bases. If they also find the empty cartridge matches the replacement cartridge you are planning to buy, confirm the purchase!
  • Replacing the cartridge – When your ink toner cartridge ships or you pick it up from the store, remove the printer cover housing the ink cartridge station. Remove the empty cartridge and remember exactly how the cartridge mounted onto the machine. Unpack the new cartridge, remove all excess paper and tape, and place the cartridge as the old one fit.
  • Last steps – Close the printer cover, fire up the machine, and check it the new toner cartridge is installed correctly. The printer should automatically run a diagnostic test, but if not you may have to navigate through the menus to manually test the new cartridge. If setup correctly, you have successfully replaced your printer cartridge! Congratulations!

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